Arent Greve

Department of Strategy and Management

The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration

Bergen, Norway

Arent Greve, dr. oecon. Professor in Organization Theory


Fax: + 47-55 959 780 or + 1-416-978 3963

Teaching languages: English, Norwegian


I focus my research on Social Capital and Social Networks. I do research on how Social Capital enters in organizational and interorganizational settings. Social Capital is the subset of an actors' relations that can be instrumental in reaching goals. My research covers several uses of social capital, as knowledge distributed in social networks and useful for the development and diffusion of innovations, complex problem solving, and as a resource for entrepreneurs. I also study how highly skilled immigrants from The People's Republic of China without social capital in their new country, Canada, build social networks, and try to develop social capital to help them integrate into a labor market or start new businesses. I also have a project on Telework, or Telecommuting in Canada. Follow the Research link for more information.


I teach mainly at graduate levels and I advice several doctoral students. My main courses are in Social Networks Analysis and Organization theory, with an emphasis on institutional theory. I also teach behavioral and organizational decision making, and Research Methods in the social sciences at doctoral and master levels.


I am appointed Adjunct professor at the Department of Sociology, The University of Toronto.




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