Labrador Inuttut

Labrador Inuttut or Inuttitut is the main dialect spoken in northern Labrador. It itself consists of several dialect variations, as the Labrador Inuit communities are made up of Inuit originally from different nearby areas.

If you would like to listen to some Labrador Inuttitut, Lydia Tuglavina and myself have prepared some simple word lists: Lydia's Lessons. We are hoping to put more on in the future.

Information on the writing system and grammar of Labrador Inuttitut may be found here, as well as on the Labrador Inuttitut Community Grammar project website.

Rigolet Inuttut

Another dialect in this region is the Rigolet dialect, which is spoken in Rigolet with some speakers in Happy Valley/Goose Bay. This dialect is facing language loss as the few speakers in the community are very elderly. Currently efforts are being made both within the community and in Happy Valley/Goose Bay to preserve some of the distinct characteristics of this dialect and to revive the speaking of Inuttitut.

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