ENG 238S


1. Friday Mornings. If you arrive before 9 a.m. and find the Innis Town Hall doors locked, or the doors open but Town Hall in darkness, please be patient; someone will arrive by 9 to open the doors and to turn on the lights. Usually this happens well before 9 but occasionally there is a delay.  Coffee, muffins, etc. are available at reasonable prices at the Innis cafe, on the west side of Town Hall. You may take food and drink into Town Hall ONLY if you carefully remove all cups, papers, etc., at the end of the screening/tutorial. If class members start leaving garbage in Town Hall, food and drink privileges will be removed and NO ONE will be permitted to bring in any food or drink. (This happened in spring 2002: so be warned.)

2. Screening Etiquette on Fridays. (a) Arrive on time; it is disturbing for other members of the class when late arrivals open doors (letting in light and noise) and try to find seats in the dark. If you do arrive late, or if you have to go out during a screening (please do not do so unless it is absolutely necessary), open the door as little as possible and exit as quickly as possible, to minimize the disruption. If you have come in late, wait a few moments for your eyes to adjust to the dark before trying to find a seat. (b) Do NOT get up to leave the screening until the credits have finished rolling and the lights have come fully on. Many people want to see the credits, and indeed in a film course everyone should be taking note of the credits. If you leave during the credits you will not only miss them yourself but you will also get in the way of others trying to see them.

3. Merril Collection: Toronto Public Library: 239 College St. (416-393-7748). The Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation and Fantasy is on the 3rd floor of this branch of the TPL and is open M-F 10am-6pm and Sat. 9am-5pm. The materials are non-circulating; but there is a photocopy machine. You will have to put coats and bags into a small locker (25 cents, refundable). The subject catalogue lists (mainly recent) films individually by title, under the general heading Motion Pictures. and also lists some general materials on sf. Journals include Cinefantastique and Starlog. Free public access. This is a major specialist resource for those deeply interested in science fiction. You can find out more about it at: www.tpl.toronto.on.ca/merril/home.htm

4. Film Reference Library: 2 Carleton St. (416-967-1517). The Library has clippings files and PR materials on a good number of individual films, runs of various film journals, reference works, etc. See www.e.bell.ca/filmfest/referenceLibrary/library.html for its hours and charges, if you are interested. You can pay per visit or buy a student membership.

5. Class Participation. Participation in class discussion can influence a final course grade up, but not down, in borderline cases. You are encouraged to participate. Because the class is usually large, the instructor and TAs will sometimes know discussion participants by face but not by name, or will be unsure of names. At the final examination, therefore, the instructor and TAs will check all names (via your student ID cards, when you sign the examination sheet) to make as sure as is possible that regular discussion participants have been correctly identified. (If you want to make sure that we know you, introduce yourself to us during the course!)