ENG 238S: Class Schedule: Winter/Spring 2002-03

Classes Tuesday (T11-12) and Thursday (R11-12) are in Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2118. Screenings and tutorials (and the 2 class tests) Friday (F9-12) are in Innis Town Hall. Screening time-lengths given here are approximate. When a film runs under 110 minutes, there will be a short break after the Friday screening (9.10-11) and before the tutorial (11.10-12); several of the films run longer than 110 minutes (i.e., than 9.10-11) so the break will come as soon as the screening is over and the tutorial will therefore be shorter than 50 minutes. In a number of the weeks there will be no tutorial because the screening itself will take up most of the 9-12 time slot. An alternate tutorial hour will be available for those who have another class Fridays 11-12, in the same weeks as the Friday tutorials, on Thursdays 3-4 in the Audiovisual Library (3rd floor, Robarts Library).

Screenings will begin on the dot of 9.10 a.m. Please try not to be late, as the opening of the Town Hall doors disrupts screenings both with light and with noise. If you absolutely have to go in or out during a screening, please open the door as little as possible and be as quick as possible, to minimize the disruption. Do NOT leave, at the end of a screening, until the credits have finished.