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Assignments & Evaluation 2004-2005

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 Labs 10% each

Your main activity in this course is to carry out in-class labs. There will be one lab each week , but only three each term (six in all) are ones you are required to write up and hand in for grading.

However, you are expected to attend ALL the labs, whether they are to be handed in or not.

 Tests 15%  Test 1, 7 December 2004, 2 PM, held in regular classroom

 Final Test, held in regular classroom, last day of class

The last test will cover material mainly of the second term and will last up to 1.5 hours. However, you are expected to remember the basic principles covered in the first term, and probably you will be retested on any concepts that seemed to have been misunderstood on the first test. There will be detailed in-class reviews and web-based summaries to help you study for these.

Guidelines for the December Test

 Participation 5% 

Your participation score will depend on your active participation in the labs or practicals. Among the criteria that your TA will use to evaluate your participation are: 

  • Attendance
  • Good lab habits (handling of artifacts, etc.)
  • Regular, informed, and critical discussion of issues olr questiona about things covered in the text (either in class or by email)

Consequently, you should expect to receive a rather poor participation grade if you simply show up for lectures, repeatedly leave before the lab session is finished, or never offer questions or comments. You could receive only 0 or 1 if your attendance is poor.

 Other Information   Late or Missed Assignments or Deadlines

If you absolutely cannot avoid missing a term test (Test 1 or 2), and can document the legitimate reason for missing it, you should IMMEDIATELY inform the course instructor or your TA so that we can arrange a make-up test.

We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate legitimate needs for makeup tests, but we will insist on testing all students who missed a test on the same day. Consequently, if you fail to inform us in a timely manner, and thus also miss our makeup test, you will receive a mark of zero for the missed test.

If you miss a deadline for submission of your lab, you will be penalized at the rate of one mark (out of 10 on the assignment) per day (Monday to Friday, weekends count as one day).

Plagiarism and Other Academic Offences

We take such offences very seriously. Make absolutely sure that what you submit is your own work, and make sure that you familiarize yourself with what constitutes plagiarism or other forms of academic fraud. See the last part of my guidelines on essays and the web sites listed there for more information.


We will attempt to make it very clear to you what was the basis for receiving the grade you did. Although some appeals of grades, especially to recalculate incorrect totals, is warranted, we discourage frivolous appeals. Note that if you submit work for regrading (usually by asking the instructor to regrade work that a TA originally graded), you must accept the new, independent grade EVEN IF IT IS LOWER than the original grade.

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