ARH 312Y


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Last Note that this is an archive of my OLD labs (2007-08) for this course

First Term Lab 1 Health and Safety & Handling of Artifacts
  Lab 2 

Measurements and Measurement Error

  Lab 2


  Lab 4  Probability
  Lab 5  Flintkapping and Lithic Technology
Lab 6 Lithic Analysis
 Lab 7

Use Wear

Lab 8  Sampling
Lab 9  Database design
Lab 10 Quantification
Lab 11 Classification and Grouping
Second Term Lab 12  Making clay bodies and firing briquettes
Lab 13  Observing Pottery
Lab 14  Observing Decorative Style
Lab 15  Stratigraphy
Lab 16  Zooarchaeology
Lab 17  Plant Remains
Lab 18  Seriation
Lab 19 Radiocarbon
Lab 20 Geoarchaeology
Lab 21 Spatial Analysis