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The following indicates the preliminary schedule of topics in the course lectures and labs, and the readings you are required do to prepare for each. I have also listed some web sites that you might find useful.


Fall Schedule

Lectures   Note that the course will normally consist of 1 to 1.5 hours of lecture, followed by 1.5 to 2 hours of laboratory exercise. You are expected to attend all of both.

13 September


Introduction to the Course

Lab safety

Handling artifacts

Read: Chaps 1 & 7 of text

Recommended: Lynne P. Sullivan, S. Terry Childs (2003). Curating Archaeological Collections: from the Field to the Repository. Walnut Creek, CA: Altamira Press, 2003.

Archaeological Preservation Research Laboratory

20 September


What are Data?

Measurement and Errors

Bring an example of an archaeological research problem, and the kind of measurements used to study it, to class. You can find it in any archaeological literature (e.g., article from American Antiquity). It would be good if the aritcle included a graph too.

Read: Chap. 2 of text

Measurement error

Hand measurement

3D Digitizing


 27 September


Visualizing Data: Graphs and Tables in Archaeology

Bring an example of an archaeological graph to class. You can find graphs in most of the major archaeology journals. Tips on Selecting Graphs

Read: Chap. 2 of text


4 October


Probability and Evaluating Hypotheses

Tips on Selecting Analytical Methods

Read: Chap. 6

 Probability tutorial  Random Numbers
 Poisson distribution  Hypergeometric distribution
 Normal distribution  Introduction to probability models (Cal State U - Santa Barbara)
 Bayesian Bibliography  Resampling/Bootstrap software

  11 October Lithic Manufacture

Read Chapter 8

First Lab Due: Measurement Errors and Graphing Data

Sites: Stone Tool Technology Ring, Chaîne Opératoire

18 October Lithic Attributes

Read Chapter 8

Lab Data - now available

Sites: The Lithics Site, Stone Tool Site

Chapter 16


  25 October Lithic Analysis and Use-Wear

Read Chapter 8

Sites: Lithic Use Wear

The Lithics Site, Stone Tool Site


1 November 


Data 1, Data 2

Research Design and Sampling

Tips on Selecting Analytical Methods


Read: Chap. 4.

 Research Design  Sample Size Software
 Orton's Sampling in Archaeology  


8 November


Archaeological Databases

Second Lab Due: Lithic Analysis

Read: Chap. 3
 Eastern Desert Ware Database  Spatio-Temporal Database Design


15 November


Counting Bits and Pieces: Quantification

Read: Chap. 5

Hypergeometric distribution

Optional: Orton, C. 2003. Reinventing the sherd: 25 years of pottery statistics, Medieval Ceramics 24, 73-78.

  22 November Classification and Grouping



Read: Chap 3.

Systematics in Prehistory

Dunnell classification

  29 November

Review for test 1

Third Lab Due: Sampling Seeds

  6 December

TEST 2-4 PM in regular classroom

test guidelines & advice

  8 December December holiday until 8 January (Go to Second-Term Schedule)

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