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Tubna, Wadi Ziqlab

Tubna is an Ottoman and modern village in al-Kura district of northern Jordan (see map), but the site of a Chalcolithic settlement (WZ 121) occurs immediately to its northwest, on the upper slopes overlooking Wadi 'Ain Sirin, a major tributary of Wadi Ziqlab. In 1995 the Wadi Ziqlab Project conducted magnetometer survey and excavations at the site, uncovering fragments of substantial stone foundations and a large collection of Chalcolithic pottery and lithics. The slopes below show another scatter of Chalcolithic artifacts (WZ 119), which probably derive from the settlement above.

Brief summaries of the initial excavations at the site appears in the following two articles.

E. B. Banning, M. Blackham and D. Lasby (1998) Excavations at WZ 121, a Chalcolithic site at Tubna, in Wadi Ziqlab. Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan 42: 141-59.

E. B. Banning (1997) Excavations at Tubna, Wadi Ziqlab, Jordan. Echos du Monde Classique/Classical Views 41: 75-80.

A gallery of photographs from the fieldwork at Tubna is currently under construction.

Aerial View of Tubna

Web access to the Wadi Ziqlab Database is also currently under construction.


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