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Tell Fendi

Tell Fendi (site WZ 126) is a low tell on the bank of Wadi Ziqlab a little more than 1 km from its confluence with the Jordan River (see map). The first occupation of the site was in the Late Chalcolithic period, and extensive Chalcolithic architecture occurs just below the surface. Some parts of the tell have evidence of Ayyubid pottery, apparently from sugar mills that once occurred on the site.

The first season of excavations at the site occurred in 1996 under the co-direction of Mark Blackham, Kevin Fisher and David Lasby. Preliminary reports appear in Blackham et al. 1998.

The excavations uncovered the foundations of a Late Chalcolithic "broad-room" house, a map of which follows.

A gallery of photographs from the fieldwork at Tell Fendi is currently under construction.

Web access to the Wadi Ziqlab Database is also currently under construction.


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