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Tell Rakan II, Wadi Ziqlab

Tell Rakan II (WZ 130) is an extension of the Early Bronze Age settlement at Tell Rakan I (WZ 120). It occurs on the slopes of a ridge overlooking Tell Rakan I in the middle canyon of Wadi Ziqlab, al-Kura district, northwestern Jordan. In 1999 the Wadi Ziqlab Project conducted excavations at the site to assess its potential for future work, and found what may be an Early Bronze Age olive-oil factory.

A brief summary of the initial excavations at the site appears in Banning and Najjar (1999).

A gallery of photographs from the fieldwork at Tell Rakan is currently under construction.

A gallery of artifacts from the excavations will appear here.

Map of the site showing Tell Rakan II (WZ 130), an Early Bronze Age extension of a site that occurs on the slopes above the original settlement in the pomegranate grove near the modern fish farm (WZ 120), with 1999 excavation area (shaded polygon).

Web access to the Wadi Ziqlab Database is currently under construction.


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