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WZ 136, al-Qas'a, Wadi Ziqlab

WZ 136 is a Geometric Kebaran site in al-Kura district of northern Jordan. It occupies a remnant terrace, about 100 m ASL, separated by a small gully from WZ 138, near the eastern end of the Sed Ziqlab reservoir, in an area now know as al-Qas'a. The exposed sections of each terrace clearly shows deposits of alluvial gravels and tufa overlain by recent colluvial material. Here the assemblages are eroding out of the side of the terrace from the water-lain sediments, as opposed to the virtually empty capping colluvial sediment.

The assemblage of WZ 136 contains clearly Epipaleolithic material, including numerous bladelet cores, unretouched and backed blades and bladelets, scrapers, rectangles and trapezes (Bar-Yosef 1970). At present, this assemblage appears to belong to the Geometric Kebaran.

A brief summary of the 2000 survey will appear in Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan.

A gallery of photographs from the fieldwork is under construction.

Web access to the Wadi Ziqlab Database is also currently under construction.

Bar-Yosef, O. (1970) The Epi-Palaeolithic Cultures of Palestine. Ph.D diss. Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


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