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Friends of Archaeology, Amman

Kerak Resources Project

Radiocarbon Dates Database

Museums, Institutes and Government Agencies

Department of Antiquities of Jordan

Jordan Antiquities Database and Information System (JADIS)

American Center of Oriental Research (ACOR), Amman

Council for British Research in the Levant


Institut Français d'Archéologie du Proche-Orient

Department of Archaeology, Jordan University

Oriental Institute


Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology, Yarmuk University


20-24 March 2002 - SAA - Society for American Archaeology - Denver, Colorado

2-6 April 2002 - Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology - Heraklion, Crete

15-19 April 2002 - 3ICAANE - Third International Congress on the Archæology of the Ancient Near East - Paris

12 - 18 August 2002 - International Conference On Science and Technology in Archaeology and Conservation - Hashemite University, Jordan

13-16 November 2002 - ASOR - American Schools of Oriental Research - Toronto

Relevant Excavations and Surveys

Jordan Antiquities Database and Information System (JADIS)

Abu Hureyra

'Ain Ghazal Publications

'Ain Ghazal Statues

Australian Expedition to Pella

Ba'ja Excavations volunteers

Ba'ja Excavations

Neolithic Beidha

Conservation of Neolithic Beidha

Çatal Höyük, Turkey

Wadi Faynan 4th-/3rd-Millennium Project

Jabal Hamrat Fidan Project

Jerf al-Ahmar, Syria

Kerak Resources Project

Kfar haHoresh

Neolithic & Chalcolithic Pella

Tell Sabi Abyad

Tell Sabi Abyad excavations

Sha'ar haGolan

Sha'ar haGolan Expedition

Neolithic esh-Shallaf

Wadi Ziqlab Project

San Diego Prehistory Projects in the Levant

Searching Ancient Resources


ARGOS Limited Area Search of the Ancient World




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