Wadi Ziqlab Project

Volunteering for the Project

Many volunteers contribute to the research of the Wadi Ziqlab Project. They assist with the curation and analysis of artifacts and other materials at the project's laboratory in the South Borden Building at University of Toronto. Others serve on the field crews of excavations and surveys in Wadi Ziqlab, al-Kura district, Jordan.

In addition, we sometimes have paid work-study positions, posted at the Career Centre.

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Computer graphics

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General lab work

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At present it is uncertain whether we will have a field season in 2003.

Probably we will not, but watch this space for more information.


There are three Work Study positions beginning in the fall of 2002, with work up to 12 hours per week.

Please see the Career Centre and click on "Search current Work Opportunities" after you log in. The positions are Work Order No. 2003.WC.0409