Joshua Barker

Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto

Policing the Postcolonial City

This research focuses on criminality and policing in Indonesia. The main part of the research provides an ethnographic account of urban policing practices in various types of urban spaces: the police precinct, the mall, the neighbourhood, the street, the prison, the home, etc. In analyzing policing in these settings, I am interested not only in the practices of the state-employed police but also in the practices of civilian guards, gangs offering 'protection', and the like. Each of these groups has its own forms of organization, its own discursive regimes, and its own notion of 'security'. The research aims to analyze these various types of 'policing' while describing how their relation to one another has changed over time. Funding for this research was provided by the SSRC, SSHRC, and the MacArthur Foundation.