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Back Row: Lisa Kaida, Phillipa Chong, Jessica Yiu
Front Row: Joanne Nowak, Naoko Shida, Stella Park

Lisa Kaida is a Ph.D. candidate in sociology, having successfully defended her dissertation proposal in fall, 2007. Her projects with Professor Boyd since 2003 include the economic performance of foreign-trained women engineers and the poverty of ethnic minorities in old age and immigrant offspring. Lisa's main research interests lie in international migration, social stratification/inequality, and work and occupation. Her dissertation focuses on the dynamics of poverty and low wages among recent immigrants in Canada.
Phillipa Chong is a first-year Ph.D. student in sociology (2007-2008). She has worked with Professor Boyd since 2006, primarily on projects investigating social inclusion and religious populations in Canada. She presented the first of the findings at the annual meeting of the Canaidan Population Society as part of the 2007 Congress for the Humanities and Social Science meetings in Saskatchewan. Phillipa’s research interests include race/ethnicity and social stratification.
Jessica Yiu is a Master's student (2007-2008) whose research interests include ethnicity, immigration and immigrant offspring. With Monica Boyd, she has co-authored several conference papers on the maintenance of transnational ties across immigrant generations, as well as a book chapter on the earnings of immigrant women.
Joanne Nowak is a first year Ph.D. student in sociology (2007-2008). Her research interests include the intersection between international migration and development, gender and migration issues, (im)migration policy, as well as the politics of migration. Joanne has been working with Professor Boyd since 2006 on various projects related to domestic caregivers, sexually trafficked migrants, migration and health issues, social networks and international migration, as well as gender-based analyses of immigration policy.
Naoko Shida is a second year Ph.D. student (2007-2008) in Sociology. Her research interests include work, immigration and ethnicity, and gender. She is particularly interested in intermarriage, labour market inequality, and the sociocultural and economic integration of immigrants. She is working with Professor Boyd on the Ethnic Options project, examining the influence of question wording and respondent characteristics on ethnic responses in surveys.
Stella Y. Park is a third year Ph.D. student in Sociology (2007-2008). She is presently working with Professor Boyd examining various dimensions of immigrant adaptation process including heritage language retention, co-residency and socioeconomic attainments across generations. She has presented on these topics at the annual meetings of the American Sociological Assocation, the Canadian Population Society and the Canadian Sociology Association. Her core area of interest is immigration and health.


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