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Gender Inequality

My research reputation in gender inequality prompted my appointment in the late 1970s to the Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women (Doris Anderson, head). I continue to contribute to the general field of gender inequality. My article on “Gender, Power and Postindustrialism,” co-authored with John Myles and Maryann Mulvihill is one of the few existing articles on women in Canada to have been selected by an American academic for reprinting in a US published book (1995) (where it is the only article not on gender inequality in the United States), and it is cited in relevant American and Australian publications. “Feminizing Paid Work” (1997) has also reached an international audience. Within Canada, a monograph on “Canadian Attitudes toward Women: Thirty Years of Change” (1984) was widely used in federal governmental circles to convince MPs and policy makers that times indeed had changed from the 1950s, and that attitudes were receptive to progressive action.

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