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Immigrant Women

My interest in gender inequality as it relates to immigrant women began in graduate school and was part of my research agenda for the Canadian mobility project. My early research, conducted in the mid-1970s, which emphazed the invisibility of immigrant women and the effects of entry status on their integration, were among the first works on the topic; I also examined the barriers and difficulties faced by immigrant women in the labour force. My recent research emphasizes the triple disadvantages faced by immigrant women of not knowing English or French, being a member of a visible minority group, and being female. I also undertake comparative work and look at the integration issues associated with how immigrant women are admitted into their countries of destination.

As part of the United Nation’s “Beijing - 10 years later” and High Level Dialogue on Migration mandated by the Secretary General initiative, I recently wrote a number of papers and reports on the situations facing migrant women for the United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women, for the United Nations Population Division and for the United Nations Research Institute on Social Development.

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