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SOC 6003H Contemporary International Migration: Current Issues and Debates

Designed as a broad survey course, this one semester course examines contemporary immigration policies and migrant integration in industrial democracies. The course focuses on Canada, but includes substantial comparisons with Australia, the United States and European countries. The following core themes are emphasized throughout the course: revisionist theories of the causes of migration; emerging challenges to immigration policies as instruments of regulations and control; challenges to migrant policies including migrant rights and citizenship; and issues of inequality associated with the social and economic integration of immigrants, particularly their labor market experiences.

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SOC 383H Women Migrants

Examines the international migration of women in post-industrial economies with emphasis on Canada. Topics include: theories of female migration; the impacts of immigration policies; migration trends and entry status; integration issues pertaining to family, language knowledge, citizenship and economic status; labour market barriers; and public policy consideration.

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