Christos Hatzis


Fertility Rites

Hunter's Dream

Footpritns in New Snow

String Quartet No. 1 (The Awakening)

Compact disc featuring four of Christos' Inuit inspired works, including the Prix Italia radio documentary by the same title. Beverley Johnston is the featured soloist in Fertility Rites, for marimba and tape, and violinsts Annalee Patipatanakoon and Carol Fujino, violist Douglas Perry and cellist David Hetherington, along with prerecorded throat singers  Angela Atagootak, Pauline Kyak, Elisha Kilabuk and Koomoo Noveyak, Eligah Maggitak, Napachie Pootoogook, Timagiak Petautassie, and Haunak Mikigak, are the featured performers in String Quartet No 1. (The Awakening). This CD packaged together with the CD Everlasting Light is available on the CBC Records records label. It is distributed in Canada through Universal Records and in the United States through Naxos.

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