COMING TO for violin and piano. Commissioned by Hilary Hahn. Duration 3:20 minutes. Available from  PROMETHEAN EDITIONS.

Commissioned by violinist Hilary Hahn, Coming To for violin and piano was composed in August 2010. Its brevity (under 5 minutes) presented me with a challenge: how do develop a complete musical idea in a short period of time. To overcome this challenge, I looked for ideas in the structure of music videos—a story that can be told within given time constraints, but which unfolds leisurely and belies its actual clock time. In Coming To, the story goes something like this: a young man (a ballet dancer) lies mortally ill in bed. In his hallucinatory state of mind, he sees or imagines a beautiful female violinist playing next to his bed, the sound initially emerging from the beeping monitors that he is hooked up to. As the music comes gradually into focus, he rises from his bed and performs an initially slow dance with her, which becomes increasingly more frantic and exhausting. At the climax of the dance, and after a virtuosic pirouette, he collapses on the floor. This is an exceptional composition for me: I do not usually dub in program music but . . . there you have it!

Premiere performance: October 13, 7:30 PM. Hilary Hahn, violin; Valentina Lisitsa, piano. Constella Festival; Cincinnati Arts Association; Memorial Hall; 1229 Elm St. Cincinnati, OH, USA

The far superior second disc [of Hilary Hahn's double CD: "In 27 Pieces"] begins with the evocative “Coming To” by Christos Hatzis. Building on gentle undulating textures interspersed with unsettling glissandi and moments of quasi-improv-sounding interludes, the work seems to evoke the state of a somewhat peaceful but confused “waking,” whether it is meant to be a metaphorical or a literal picturing. Just as quickly as the listener “comes to,” they are on their feet and moving frenetically. It is a lovely work that leaves us wanting more.- Mark Nowakowski, Communities Digital News (Feb 18, 2014)

Christos Hatzis’ “Coming To” was the real crowd-pleaser of the set, alternating between airy lyricism and furious gypsy-like passion, complete with deftly executed left-hand pizzicatos. Steve Siegel, THE MORNING CALL (Allentown, PA, USA) Oct. 16, 2011.

Christos Hatzis’ programmatic Coming To is elliptical with bursts of bravura and open-hearted lyricism. Lawrence A. Johnson, CHICAGO CLASSICAL REVIEW (USA) Oct. 24, 2011

For those of you who were not fortunate to attend Hilary Hahn's concert last night at the Wigmore Hall, London (Sunday 22 April 2012) you missed one of the most outstanding recitals I have ever heard in that venue. What was the first part of her Encore Series, Ms Hahn programmed Bach's Sonata No. 2 in A minor, Beethoven's Sonata No. 2 in A and Brahms' Scherzo from Sonatensatz alongside a basketful of new short encore works. Notable amongst the mix were Christos Hatzis's virtuosic 'Coming To', Avner Dorman's devilish 'Memory Games' and Max Richter's exquisite 'Mercy'. Tom Hutchinson - The Royal Philharmonic Society (Facebook Review.)

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