HUNTER'S DREAM. One minute miniature commissioned by Morgan Fisher for his upcoming 60-miniature CD called Miniatures 2. In collaboration with CBC producer Steve Wadhams and engineer Lawrence Stevenson.



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Hunter's Dream.

Ann Thompson, Flute samples.
Elisha Kilabuk, Koomoo Noveyak, throat singers.

Hunter's Dream is the second piece in a series of works inspired by Canada's northern people, the Inuit. My fascination with the people (Inuit means the people) and their culture has grown steadily since 1992, culminating in the summer of 1995 with a trip to Baffin Island in Canada's arctic to record and interview throat singers. I first encountered their katajjaq (throat games) during a CBC radio documentary called the Idea of Canada on which I collaborated with producer Steve Wadhams and sound engineers Lawrence Stevenson and Rod Crocker. Morgan Fisher, a well known rock keyboardist living in Japan, read a review of The Idea of Canada in the KEYBOARD Magazine, became interested in the piece and, after listening to it, asked our quartet to come up with a one minute piece for a CD of miniatures he was in the process of putting together. After several abortive attempts to come up with something that sounded convincing at the one minute length (I had more trouble writing this one minute miniature than most of my thirty minute works) I asked flutist Anne Thompson to come in the studio and record some flute samples produced through extended flute techniques. The resultant flute melody is a keyboard performance of more than two dozen or so flute samples arranged to work against the harmonies and the rhythmic beds created by the throat singers. Additional sound sources in the mix are treated combinations of throat singers, wind, boreal owls and loons. The limpid heart-beat-like ostinato helps to connect emotionally all these elements and to affect a rhythmic modulation at about one third of the way into the miniature. All of these considerations aside, Hunter's Dream is indicative of my most recent music which attempts to speak to the heart and to the mind in equal proportions. It is holistic rather than intellectual, and tries to describe in sound the heritage which is common to all of us: that of being human.

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