for accordion, flute, oboe, bassoon trumpet, French horn, trombone, percussion and string quartet.1985-1990. Commissioned by Arraymusic for the BACH-300 festival. 17 minutes. Score through the composer. Individual parts presently unavailable.

Mortiferum Fel ("deadly venom" in Latin) was originally the middle movement of Spring Equinox for chamber orchestra. Spring Equinox has now been dismantled into three independent compositions and thus Mortiferum Fel came into being as a composition for accordion and chamber orchestra. Spring Equinox (the date of J. S. Bach's birthday and mine) was the first of an ongoing series of compositions based on The Art of The Fugue, Bach's last, and perhaps greatest contrapuntal achievement. Mortiferum Fel is a palimpsest of Contrapunctus III. It is a dreamscape which explores distortions of ordinary reality caused by the intake of certain hallucinogens. As on may infer from the title, Mortiferum Fel is dedicated to the memory of my late teacher, Morton Feldman.

Premiere performance of Spring Equinox: March 23, 1985 by the Arraymusic ensemble under the direction of Henry Kucharzyk. BACH-300 festival, Jane Mallet Theatre, St. Lawrence Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto.

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