project consists of several works
created by Christos Hatzis, which have been inspired by
and based on the music of J. S. Bach.

The works are:

Equivoque (1985)
for accordion or harpsichord and tape

Stylus (1990)
for accordion, flute and viola
or for string quartet

The Gouldberg Variations, Book I (1992)
for MIDI piano and chamber orchestra
(a work in progress)

Concerto for Flute and Chamber Orchestra (1993)

Farewell to Bach (1998)
for two solo violins and chamber orchestra
(modern or Baroque)

This is an ongoing project with plans to see the creation of Book II and perhaps III of the Gouldberg Variations written by other composers, research into the development of Glenn Gould performance algorithms to apply to computer-assisted renderings of these compositions whereby Glenn Gould's interpretation can be extended to apply to all the "instruments" of a virtual (sampled) chamber orchestra, to be followed by one or more commercially released recordings of these works.

For more information on the works above, click on the name of each work.
For more information on the compositional techniques and other
principles associated with these works, read the essay:
The Art of the Palimpsest: Compositional Approaches to the Music of J. S. Bach



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