THE TEMPTATION OF ST. ANTHONY for tape. 1987. Commissioned by the Second Patras International Festival. 10 minutes. Available on Compact Disc. 

Christos Hatzis: BYZANTIUM.


The Temptation of St. Anthony is the third piece of Earthrise, a pentalogy of electroacoustic works (Also see: Nadir, Orbiting Garden, Crucifix and The Mega4 Meta4). Composed in 1987, The Temptation of St. Anthony is my first electroacoustic piece. It was commissioned by the 2nd Patras Festival in Greece for the Computer Music Conference held that summer under the direction of Iannis Xenakis. Stylistically, the piece was a radical departure from my previous music. This was partly due to my exposure to the novel medium of digitally generated sound and partly due to my ever growing interest in non-western music. My sound resources - and consequently, the timbral possibilities - for this first attempt at electronic composition were very limited: an Atari ST computer and a Yamaha FM MIDI Rack. What was of particular interest to me, however, was the possibility of music which was literally fluid, with none of the metric, rhythmic and dynamic limitations and generalizations of notated music. I was fascinated by the possibility of handling the sound material myself, not through a performer; perfecting it over time like a sculptor does; leaving nothing to hindsight (or 'hindhearing') as the case may be. However imperfect or simplistic it may sound in retrospect, The Temptation of St. Anthony was a clear and discernible step in my development as a composer. The work was inspired by a painting of the same title by Max Ernst and also the eclectic dance of Robert Desrosiers. 


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