Only All-Hatzis and recent recordings
are listed here in reverse chronological order.
All recordings are available at the online stores of the record labels,, iTunes and other online
and local retailers.

Double CD on the Deutsche Grammophon record label.
It includes Hatzis' Coming To for violin and piano.

on the Centrediscs label
It includes Hatzis' Four Songs on Poems by Elizabeth Bishop
Winner of the 2014 East Coast Music Awards
Vocal Alboum of the Year

Suzie LeBlanc, soprano
The Bishop Chamber Players
Dinuk Widjeratne, conductor

On the Centrediscs label
it includes Hatzis' Arctic Dreams 1
Susan Hoeppner, flute
Beverley Johnston, vibraphone
Lauren Margison, soprano
In the Fire of Conflict
Beverley Johnston, marimba

on the Analekta label
Winner of the Juno Award 2008
Classical composition of the year

On the CBC Records Label

Double CD on the CBC Records label.

De Angelis
Laura Pudwell, mezzo-soprano
Rebecca Whelan, soprano
Andrea Ludwig, mezzo-soprano
Christina Stelmacovich, mezzo-soprano
Elmer Iseler Singers, Amadeus Chamber Singers
Lydia Adams, conductor

Everlasting Light
Daniel Taylor, countertenor
Benjamin Butterfield, tenor
Russell Braun, baritone
Beverley Johnston, marimba
Elmer Iseler Singers, Amadeus Chamber Singers
Lydia Adams, conductor

Fertility Rites
Beverley Johnston, marimba
Angela Atagootak & Pauline Kyak, throat singers

Hunter's Dream
Anne Thompson, flute samples
Elisha KibalukKibaluk & Koomoo Noveyak, throat singers

Footprints in New Snow
Elisha KibalukKibaluk, Koomoo Noveyak
Angela Atagootak, Pauline Kyak
Eligah Maggitah, Napachie Pootoogook, T. Petautassie,
H. Mikigak, throat singers

String Quartet No. 1 (The Awakening)
Annalee Patipatanakoon, violin
Carol Fujino, violin
Dougls Perry, viola
David Hetherington, cello

On EMI Classics
2005 Juno Award
Classical Composition of the Year

String Quartet No. 1 (The Awakening)
String Quartet No. 2 (The Gathering)

The St. Lawrence String Quartet

On Marquis Classics

Three Songs on Poems by Sappho
Erotikos Logos

Monica Whicher, soprano
Joaquin Valdepenas, clarinet
Steven Dann, viola
David Hetherington, cello
Mark Widner, piano
Trevor Tureski, percussion
Robert Aitken, conductor

on Centrediscs

The Mega4 Meta4
Steven Dann, viola

The Temptation of St. Anthony

Chari Polatos, vocalist
Exultate Chamber Singers
John Tuttle, conductor

Libby Van Cleve, oboe
Exultate Chamber Singers
John Tuttle, conductor

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