Actes de l'ACL 2002

2002 CLA Proceedings

Actes du congrès annuel
de l’Association canadienne de linguistique

Proceedings of the
2002 annual conference
of the Canadian Linguistic Association

éditrices | editors

Sophie Burelle
Stanca Somesfalean

  1. ALBOIU, Gabriela, Mike BARRIE, & Chiara FRIGENI
    Derived reflexives in Romance: The case of SE
    pages 1-14       <Alboiu_Barrie_Frigeni_2002.pdf>
  2. BÉLANGER, Suzanne
    A derivational relationship: The subjunctive-infinitive alternation in French
    pages 15-27       <Belanger_2002.pdf>
  3. BHATT, Parth, & Emmanuel NIKIEMA
    Empty nuclei in Haitian Creole
    pages 28-41       <Bhatt_Nikiema_2002.pdf>
  4. BRUHN DE GARAVITO, Joyce, David HEAP, & Jacques LAMARCHE
    French and Spanish SE: underspecified, not reflexive
    pages 42-54       <BruhndeGaravito_Heap_Lamarche_2002.pdf>
  5. COWPER, Elizabeth, & Daniel Currie HALL
    The syntactic manifestation of nominal feature geometry
    pages 55-66       <Cowper_Hall_2002.pdf>
  6. CUMMINS, Sarah
    Passé composé vs. present perfect
    pages 68-81       <Cummins_2002.pdf>
  7. DRESHER, B. Elan
    Determining contrastiveness: A missing chapter in the history of phonology
    pages 82-93       <Dresher_2002.pdf>
  8. FLAGG, Elissa
    Adjacency and lowering in morphology: The case of English sentential negation
    pages 94-107       <Flagg_2002.pdf>
  9. GOLD, Elaine
    English Shmenglish: Yiddish borrowings into Canadian English
    pages 108-120       <Gold_2002.pdf>
  10. HEDBERG, Nancy, & Richard C. DEARMOND
    On the argument structure of primary complements
    pages 121-131       <Hedberg_DeArmond_2002.pdf>
  11. JAKAB, Edit
    Two cases of disagreement in Russian: Contrastive imperatives and root infinitives
    pages 132-144       <Jakab_2002.pdf>
  12. JUNKER, Marie-Odile
    La grammaire des relations : Constructions possessives et obviation en cri de l’Est
    pages 145-155       <Junker_2002.pdf>
  13. KAHNEMUYIPOUR, Arsalan, & Diane MASSAM
    Inversely ordered DPs in Niuean
    pages 156-166       <Kahnemuyipour_Massam_2002.pdf>
  14. KAWAI, Michiya
    Tough subjects are thematic
    pages 167-180       <Kawai_2002.pdf>
  15. KOCHETOV, Alexei
    Syllable positions as distinct articulatory patterns: Evidence from Russian
    pages 181-192       <Kochetov_2002.pdf>
  16. LAMARCHE, Jacques
    Raising and controlling ambiguities
    pages 193-206       <Lamarche_2002.pdf>
  17. LIAKIN, Denis
    Deux périphéries Deux positions pour les DPs focalisés
    pages 207-218       <Liakin_2002.pdf>
  18. MUSTAFAWI, Eiman
    Lone English-origin nouns in Arabic: Codeswitches or borrowings?
    pages 219-231       <Mustafawi_2002.pdf>
  19. NAULT, Karin
    When is zero more than one? Bare German plurals in bilingual discourse
    pages 232-244       <Nault_2002.pdf>
  20. PÉREZ-LEROUX, Ana T., Cristina SCHMITT, & Alan MUNN
    Syntactic features and discourse factors in children’s interpretation of definite determiners in inalienable possessions
    pages 245-258       <Perez-Leroux_Schmitt_Munn_2002.pdf>
  21. SÉVIGNY, Alexandre
    Formaliser les contraintes pragmatiques : L’exemple d’une particule du macédonien
    pages 259-272       <Sevigny_2002.pdf>
  22. SHIOBARA, Kayono
    On the interaction between end-weight and end-focus
    pages 273-284       <Shiobara_2002.pdf>
  23. SMOLLETT, Rebecca
    Why you can “eat up” an apple but not “consume up” an apple
    pages 285-298       <Smollett_2002.pdf>
  24. SMYTH, Ron, & Henry ROGERS
    Phonetics, gender, and sexual orientation
    pages 299-311       <Smyth_Rogers_2002.pdf>
  25. STOJANOVIC, Danijela
    “I shave just like man”: Intrinsic and extrinsic reflexive constructions in child English
    pages 312-325       <Stojanovic_2002.pdf>
  26. STONHAM, John, & Winnie S.M. YIU
    Defining the word in Nuuchahnulth
    pages 326-339       <Stonham_Yiu_2002.pdf>
  27. TODOROVA, Marina
    Partitivity and prefixation in Slavic verbal predicates
    pages 340-353       <Todorova_2002.pdf>
  28. VAN HERK, Gerard
    The present perfect in Early African American correspondence
    pages 354-364       <VanHerk_2002.pdf>
  29. WALKER, James A., & Gerard VAN HERK
    “We labors under a great deal of disadvantiges”: Verbal s in Early African American English
    pages 365-377       <Walker_VanHerk_2002.pdf>