Actes de l'ACL 2003

2003 CLA Proceedings

Actes du congrès annuel
de l’Association canadienne de linguistique

Proceedings of the
2003 annual conference
of the Canadian Linguistic Association

éditrices | editors

Sophie Burelle
Stanca Somesfalean

  1. BARRIE, Michael, & Christine M. PITTMAN
    Non-obligatory control and the movement towards movement
    pages 1-12       <Barrie-Pittman.pdf>
  2. BOBALJIK, Jonathan, & Susi WURMBRAND
    Anti-reconstruction effects are anti-reconstruction effects
    pages 13-24       <Bobaljik-Wurmbrand.pdf>
  3. BRITTAIN, Julie
    A Distributed Morphology account of the syntax of the Algonquian verb
    pages 25-39       <Brittain.pdf>
  4. COWPER, Elizabeth, & Daniel Currie HALL
    The role of register in the syntax-morphology interface
    pages 40-49       <Cowper-Hall.pdf>
  5. DeARMOND, Richard C., & Nancy HEDBERG
    More issues on the argument structure of primary complements
    pages 50-61       <DeArmond-Hedberg.pdf>
  6. FRIGENI, Chiara
    Reconsidering fortition: Features and licensing
    pages 62-72       <Frigeni.pdf>
  7. GERDTS, Donna B., & Kaoru KIYOSAWA
    Psych predicates and applicatives in Salish
    pages 73-84       <Gerdts-Kiyosawa.pdf>
  8. GOLD, Elaine
    Teachers, texts and early Canadian English 1791-1841
    pages 85-96       <Gold.pdf>
  9. HALL, Daniel Currie
    Prophylaxis and asymmetry in Yokuts
    pages 97-108       <Hall.pdf>
  10. KAYAMA, Yuhko
    L1 acquisition of Japanese zero pronouns: The effect of discourse factors
    pages 109-120       <Kayama.pdf>
  11. KOCH, Karsten
    Little minimalists: Question formation in child English
    pages 121-132       <Koch.pdf>
  12. LÉGER, Catherine
    La complémentation phrastique des adjectifs en français
    pages 133-144       <Leger.pdf>
  13. LIAKIN, Denis
    Sur la typologie des questions multiples
    pages 145-152       <Liakin.pdf>
  14. McGINNIS, Martha, & Donna B. GERDTS
    A phase-theoretic analysis of Kinyarwanda multiple applicatives
    pages 154-165       <McGinnis-Gerdts>
  15. MEZHEVICH, Ilana
    English resultatives: State versus location
    pages 166-177       <Mezhevich.pdf>
  16. PITTMAN, Christine M.
    Monosemy, stage-level predication and the adverb all
    pages 178-189       <Pittman.pdf>
  17. POUNDER, Amanda
    The role of the paradigm in German auxiliary constructions
    pages 190-201       <Pounder.pdf>
  18. SOK, Phal
    Développement des diphtongues en khmer
    pages 202-212       <Sok.pdf>
  19. STOJANOVIĆ, Danijela
    Children's interpretation of 'feel-like' constructions
    pages 214-223       <Stojanovic.pdf>
  20. TAKEHISA, Tomozaku
    Against the syntactically uniform analysis of reflexive intransitives
    pages 224-235       <Takehisa.pdf>
  21. TRAVIS, Lisa DeMena
    Reduplication feeding syntactic movement
    pages 236-247       <Travis.pdf>
  22. TSEDRYK, Egor
    La morphosyntaxe des constructions d'adversité impersonnelles en russe
    pages 248-259       <Tsedryk.pdf>
  23. UNGUREANU, Mona Luiza
    Head movement to D0 in Romanian
    pages 260-271       <Ungureanu.pdf>
  24. WU, Ching-Huei Teresa
    Flip-flop in resultative constructions
    pages 272-283       <Wu.pdf>
  25. WURMBRAND, Susi
    Syntactic vs. post-syntactic movement
    pages 284-295       <Wurmbrand.pdf>
  26. YIN, Hui
    The blocking of tone sandhi in Mandarin Chinese
    pages 296-307       <Yin.pdf>
  27. YIU, Winnie & John STONHAM
    Symmetry in Nuuchahnuluth Syntax: the Structure of the IP and DP
    pages 308-319       <Yiu-Stonham.pdf>