Minutes of the CLA General Meeting - 1996

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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Linguistic Association Inc.
Held on 27 May 1996, 3:40 - 5:00 p.m., E-324, Brock University

1. Approval of agenda.

The agenda for the annual general meeting was approved (Jack Chambers, Elizabeth Cowper).

2. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting

Minutes of the meeting of 2 June 1995 were approved (Elan Dresher, Jack Chambers).

3. Business arising from the minutes of 2 June 1995

Fee structure. In response to cutbacks in SSHRCC funding, and to increased costs of journal production and distribution, the new annual fee schedule for 1997 will be: institutions $50 (formerly $45 in 1996 and $40 before 1996), regular members $45 (formerly $40), and students $15 (formerly $12).

4. Report of the Chair of the Program Committee

The committee chair, Walter Cichocki, reported that 74 abstracts had been submitted and 67 accepted, for an acceptance rate of 90.5%. Ten submissions were subsequently withdrawn. It was noted that the 1994 Calgary meeting had attracted 90 submissions and the 1995 UQAM meeting 144. The report summarized the distribution and acceptance rate of submissions by area (discourse analysis [2/1 (= 2 submitted, 1 accepted)], L1/L2 acquisition [6/5], historical linguistics [4/2], lexicon [2/1], morphology [4/4], phonetics [2/2], phonology [14/14], psycholinguistics [3/3], semantics [9/8], sociolinguistics [5/4], syntax [23/23]). Other items emphasized in the report included the desirability of the earlier submission date of 15 January and of the current 40 minute format (versus 20 or 30 minutes, or poster sessions). Electronic submission of abstracts was considered problematic: currently, the paper copy of the abstract - often highly formatted - is what appears in the conference program.

There was considerable discussion of the earlier deadline date of January 15. W. Cichocki iterated the reasons that the date was moved - to get the final program to the University of Toronto Press by March 1 for distribution, a deadline of Feb. 1 does not allow sufficient time to organize a meeting, make recommendations and arrange a program schedule. It was moved (Elan Dresher, Patricia Shaw) that the abstract deadline date be changed to January 25. The motion failed. This question will be raised again at the 1997 meeting.

The report was approved, with thanks to Emmanuel Nikiema for his service on the committee, and to the committee for excellent work.

5. Report of the Editor of the Canadian Journal of Linguistics

The editor of the Canadian Journal of Linguistics, Anne Rochette, presented her annual report. The report noted that volume 40 of the Canadian Journal of Linguistics contains 12 articles, 6 in French and 6 in English, and 33 book reviews, 7 in French and 26 in English, for a total of 468 pages. (Volume 39 contained 6 articles, 4 review articles and 60 book reviews, for a total of 378 pages.) In 1995, 20 articles were submitted to the Journal. Five of these appeared in volume 40, 2 will appear in volume 41(1), 3 were accepted subject to revisions, 2 were being evaluated as of the end of May 1996, and 8 were rejected. (In 1994, 30 articles were submitted; 7 were accepted, 19 rejected, 4 were still under revision.) Two proposals for thematic issues were approved by the editorial board. One is on Celtic syntax (guest editor Eithne Guilfoyle), and the other on First Language Acquisition focusing on French (guest editor Daniel Valois).

The Journal has received 1995- 96 income of $29,834.11 from the following sources: SSHRCC, CLA, sale of back issues, royalties and interest. Expenses for the first three issues of volume 40 were $31,505.95: with an estimated cost of the last issue of volume 40 being $4,865.80, the estimated total costs are $36, 371.75, leaving a deficit of $6,537.64 and an estimated accumulated deficit for the years covered by the SSHRCC grant of $11,182.22. A grant of $8,654 per year for the next 3 years was awarded by the SSHRCC - the maximum that could be requested under new regulations. This represents a decrease in income of $5,765 per year. As of June 1996, the position of book review editor will be shared by Gisèle Chevalier and Patricia Balcom of the Université de Moncton. Thanks are extended to Jean-François Prunet for his dedicated work over the past four years. It was noted at the meeting that the Journal Review Committee (Elan Dresher, Yves-Charles Morin) had helped to establish a policy concerning authors who want to reply to reviews of their books. The report was accepted (Anne Rochette, Jack Chambers), with thanks to Anne for her work in this important task.

6. Report of the Secretary-Treasurer

The report of the Secretary-Treasurer was distributed. The financial statement listed the following credits for the fiscal year 1 April 1995 - 31 March 1996: 1995 SSHRCC grant: $7696; Membership dues: $22916.39; Revenue from 1995 Learned Societies meeting: $1475; transfer from Toronto account to St. John's account: $105.93. Total credits: $32,193.32.

Debits for the year: transfer of funds to the Journal: $12,000; 1995 conference costs [program printing and distribution]: $1885.87; administrative expenses: $651.06; membership fees in federations and associations: $1,614; production and distribution of CLA Newsletter: $1263.85; 1996 conference expenses (travel for Program Committee members, preliminary program): $1960.76; travel grants to regular and student members: $4,802.08; travel for members of Executive Council: $2,374.59. Total debits: $26,552.21. Balance of income over expenditure for fiscal 1995-96: $5,641.11.

Membership figures as of 10 May 1995 [previous year's figures in square brackets], as reported by the Journals Division of the University of Toronto Press:

Geographical distribution of membership, 10 May 1995

                        Regular      Student     Honorary    Institutions

Alberta                 15 [19]       6  [6]        0          3  [4]
British Colombia        32 [36]      20  [34]       3  [3]     7  [9]
Manitoba                 7 [9]        2  [1]        0          5  [4]
New Brunswick            7 [6]        3  [0]        0          4  [4]
Newfoundland             8 [8]        0  [2]        1  [1]     1  [1]
Nova Scotia              3 [4]        0  [0]        0          3  [2]
Ontario                 57 [64]      32  [36]       5  [5]    24  [28]
Prince Edward Island     2 [2]        0  [0]        0          1  [1]
Québec                  39 [52]      37  [47]       7  [9]    15  [15]
Saskatchewan             2 [2]        1  [1]        0          2  [2]

(Sub-total: Canada)    172 [202]    101  [127]     16  [18]   65  [70]

USA                     19 [20]      16  [16]       0  [3]   191  [189]
Other countries         15 [11]       5  [3]        1  [1]   162  [169]

Total = 760 [830]      206 [234]    122  [146]     17  [22]  418  [428]

There was brief discussion of the nature of the surplus, and the Association was assured that the finances are in good shape. The contradiction between increased membership fees and a healthy budget was discussed. It was pointed out that the journal will need to be drawing an increasing amount from the Association, that further cuts from SSHRC are anticipated, and that it is time to become more self-sufficient. The need to raise dues slowly was discussed, as was the drop in membership. Membership forms will be sent through the departmental representatives and the journal will be advertised in other journals. The report was moved and accepted, with thanks to Jim Black. (D. Walker, D. Bouchard)

7. Report of the Chair of the Nominating Committee

Sandra Clarke, Chair of the Nominating Committee, presented names of candidates for vacant positions on the CLA Executive and Standing Committees.

Vice-President 1996-1998: Keren Rice, University of Toronto

Program Committee 1996-2000: Henrietta Hung, University of Ottawa

Members-at-large 1996-1999:
Rayond Mougeon, York University
Charlotte Reinholtz, University of Manitoba

Status of Women in Linguistics Committee:
Sheila Embleton 1996-98, York University (Faculty)
David Heap 1996-97 York/U of Toronto (Student)
Donna Lillian 1996-98 York University (Student)

Representative to Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada: [appointed by Executive]
Elizabeth Cowper, University of Toronto

S. Clarke thanked those who had submitted nominations as well as Nominating Committee members Daniel Valois and Rose-Marie Déchaine. The report was moved and accepted (S. Clarke, D. Walker).

8.Report of the Status of Women in Linguistics Committee [Keren Rice]

A questionnaire designed to elicit information on academic career paths in Linguistics was distributed in early May. Linguists were encouraged to fill it out, and to answer those questions with which they were comfortable . A second questionnaire is to be sent to the local representatives for department chairs to answer. Thanks to the committee members, Walter Cichocki, Ron Smyth, Bonnie McElhinney, and others who helped.

9. Report of the ad hoc Committee on Endangered Languages [Alana Johns]

The members of this committee are: Alana Johns [Memorial, U of Toronto], Irene Mazurkewich [Memorial], Patricia Shaw [UBC], Keren Rice [U of Toronto]. Notice was given of a motion to be voted on by mail ballot to establish a standing committee called the Committee on Canadian Aboriginal Languages / Comité sur les langues amerindiennes du Canada. Input should be sent to Alana Johns (ajohns@morgan.ucs.mun.ca). Elan Dresher suggested that the committee look into publishing monographs (short grammatical sketches) on native languages of Canada, with a general editor and a reasonably standard format. Patricia Shaw said that UBC Press will be publishing full scale grammars. This could perhaps be done through the journal if there were extra funding. There was enthusiasm for this idea, which the committee is to investigate.

10. Other Business

i. Proceedings. Doug Walker reported that graduate students in linguistics at the University of Calgary have taken on this job, and will receive a loan to cover their costs; the loan will be repaid once copies of the proceedings are sold. A vote of thanks was extended to the University of Toronto students who carried out this task for several years.

ii. Newsletter. Keren Rice reported that the newsletter team consisted of Elaine Gold, Sarah Cummins, Parth Bhatt, and Keren Rice. 1996 is the last year that the newsletter appears in print format; after that it will be distributed through the WWW site to be established during the summer. Peter Avery (York University) offered to take over editorship of the newsletter. D. Walker thanked the newsletter team for their work. An electronic newsletter should allow more frequent updates and greatly reduced costs.

iii. Constitution. Jack Chambers, chair of the Constitution Committee, reported that the CLA constitution needed clarification and updating. No feedback had been received as of the date of the meeting. The current constitution can be found in the 1988 CLA bulletin; anyone who wants a paper copy should write to Jack. [A copy of the 1988 constitution can also be found on the CLA's web site.] The committee will report at the next annual general meeting; any suggestions should be sent to one of the committee members listed below.

* Jack Chambers, Linguistics Department, University of Toronto, Toronto, M56 1A1, <chambers@chass.utoronto.ca>

* Paul Pupier, Département de linguistique, Université du Québec à Montréal, Succ. Centre-Ville, C.P. 8888, Montréal, Québec, <pupier.paul@uqam.ca>

* Marie-Claude Boivin, Dept. of Ling & Philosophy, Room 20e-221, MIT, Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA.]

iv. Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada. The new federation, an amalgamation of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and the Social Sciences Federation of Canada, came into being 1 April 1996. Representatives of the new federation (Marcel Lauzière (Executive Director, HSSFC), John Scott (co-president, HSSFC), Judith Herz, and Jacqueline Wright ) met with the Executive on 24 May. Elizabeth Cowper will represent the CLA at Federation meetings. The Federation can help with concerns of the association regarding funding, the Learneds, etc. Any concerns should be directed to Elizabeth Cowper. [Department of Linguistics, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, M5S 1A1, <cowper@chass.utoronto.ca>]

v. GLOT. Elan Dresher, a regular columnist for GLOT, announced the publication of this periodical.

vi. 1997 Learned Societies meeting. The 1997 Learned Societies meeting will be held at Memorial University, St. John's, Newfoundland. The theme will be ‘Literacies and Communication: the 21st Century'. The association is eligible for funding if a thematic session is held. Extra funding is available if the CLA meets with another Learned group; any suggestions should go to Walter Cichocki, Chair of the Program Committee. [Département d'Études Françaises, Université du Nouveau-Brunswick, C.P. 4400, Fredericton, E3B 5A3, <cicho@unb.ca>]. Beginning in 1998, the Learneds (to be known as the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities) will be organized by the Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada rather than by individual universities. Any suggestions on the organization of the Learneds should go to Elizabeth Cowper.

vi. Announcements: departmental representatives. The Executive Council communicates with departmental representatives by e-mail. Any information that a member of the Association would like communicated to the membership should be sent to a member of the Executive Council for distribution through the local representatives. Local representatives should remind people of the abstract submission deadline of January 15. All local representatives should communicate information received from the CLA to members of their constituency, either by e-mail or in print.

vii. Varia.

* Memorial University will not be doing a mass mailing of a registration pack; it is necessary to send in a form (by post, fax, or e-mail) in order to receive registration information. This form must be sent in by October 15.

* The association congratulates Chris Wolfart on receiving a Killam Fellowship and on being elected as a member of the Royal Society. D. Walker will write to Chris to congratulate him on behalf of the Association.

* Members are reminded to send in their completed questionnaires on academic career paths in linguistics.

* Thanks were extended to Hedy McGarrell for her work as local representative.

* Doug thanked the many people who helped make his term as president a good one - Jim Black, other members of the executive, Keren Rice, many others. He introduced Denis Bouchard, the new president, who thanked Doug for his hard work as president.

The meeting adjourned at 5 p.m.

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