Congrès de l’ACL 2012

CLA Conference 2012

L’Association canadienne de linguistique a tenu son congrès de 2012 lors du Congrès des sciences humaines à l'Université Wilfrid Laurier à Waterloo (ON) du samedi 26 mai au lundi 28 mai 2012.

The Canadian Linguistic Association held its 2012 conference as part of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo (ON), from Saturday May 26 to Monday May 28, 2012.


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Samedi 26 mai | Saturday, May 26
1C16 1C18 2C15
Syntaxe | Syntax Syntaxe & sémantique | Syntax & semantics Acquisition

Michael Barrie & Roronhiakehte Deer

Wh-movement and cliticization in Cayuga

Tomohiro Yokoyama

Small clauses: Evidence from Japanese

Larissa Nossalik

L1 attrition of Russian aspect


Éric Mathieu

Where's variation? The case of wh in situ and wh movement

Nicholas Welch

The bearable lightness of being: A syntactic basis for copula distinctions

Anna Frolova

Télicité et développement de la transitivité verbale en russe L1

Syntaxe | Syntax Syntaxe & sémantique | Syntax & semantics Acquisition

Egor Tsedryk

Contrôle de subordonnées tensées : le cas des sujets nuls enchâssés en russe

Michael Gagnon & Ivana Mitrović

Evidence for the split analysis of relative clauses

Sophia Bello

Identifying indirect objects in L1 French: Video elicitation task


Kyumin Kim

Applicatives in non-canonical subject constructions

Mohmir Dočekal & Ivona Kučerová

On the lack of ambiguity in negative degree questions in English: Evidence from Czech

Moti Lieberman

Prosodic constraints on L2 sentence interpretation


Ross Godfrey

Subject marking in Wappo

Dennis Ryan Storoshenko

I love me some chowder: English personal datives and the decomposition of events

Yasaman Rafat

The acquisition of Spanish assibilated rhotics by English-speaking learners


Table ronde | Round table – 1C16

Syntaxe | Syntax Sémantique | Semantics Acquisition

Julie Goncharov

P-doubling in split scrambling: A Renaissance analysis

Bettina Spreng

Viewpoint Aspect and Lexical Aspect: The role of punctuality

Nikolay Slavkov

A Fine Balance: Shifts between passive and active bilingualism


Cassandra Chapman

Clitic doubling in Laurentian French: An auditory acceptability judgment task

Carmela Toews

Stativity in Siamou

Elena Valenzuela, Juana Liceras, Elisa Acevedo, Araceli Alvarez, Rachel Klassen & Raquel Llama

Ambiguous anaphora resolution in code-switched sentences


Catherine Dworak & Martha McGinnis

Binding in Farsi ditransitives

Claire K. Turner

Perfective aspect as temporal overlap: Evidence from Saanich (Salish)

Silvia Perpiñán & Mònica Tarrés

The effect of second language learners in a bilingual society: The case of Catalan in Barcelona

Syntaxe | Syntax Sémantique | Semantics Acquisition

Galina Dukova-Zheleva

Is wh-movement focus fronting?

David-Étienne Bouchard

Subjectivité et définitude

Sara Johansson

Acquiring Northern East Cree verbal morphology: Evidence from inchoative verbs


Noureddine Elouazizi

A Merge-based dynamic spell-out approach to the linearity of Serbian wh-words

Alexandra Simonenko

When uniqueness is “guaranteed”: DEN-omission in Swedish

Mihaela Pirvulescu & Nelleke Strik

L’acquisition des traits des clitiques en français : Une étude de compréhension


Assemblée générale | Annual general meeting – 1C16

Dimanche 27 mai | Sunday, May 27

Canadian Language Museum meeting – 1C18

1C16 1C18 2C15
Syntaxe | Syntax Psycholinguistique | Psycholinguistics Acquisition

Heather Bliss

A Split DP Analysis of Blackfoot Nominal Expressions

Veena D. Dwivedi

Concepts before composition: semantic processing

Ashrafiqin Ahmad

Interface conditions on the acquisition of definiteness in French L2 by Malay learners


Richard Compton

An argument for right-headedness and adjoined adverbs in Inuktitut verbal complexes

Aaron Lawson

Semiotics and the Order of Acquisition of Deictics in L1 French: a Corpus-based Study


Tanya Slavin

Two types of causatives in Ojicree (Algonquian)

Strang Burton, Sonja Thoma & Martina Wiltschko

A unified analysis for Canadian eh?

Irina Marinescu

Perceptual strategies for Spanish learners of English — is duration weighted at all?


Déjeuner-causerie | Lunchtime discussion

Session des affiches | Poster session
  • Jennifer Abel Phonetic imitation, accommodation, and audience design in Canadian radio interviews
  • Saleh AlQahtani & Éric Mathieu Licensing by modification in Standard Arabic
  • Catherine Anderson A Linguistics Concept Inventory for evaluating teaching and learning
  • Solveiga Armoskaite & Päivi Koskinen Finnish SVC
  • Ross Bilous Transitivity revisited: a crosslinguistic inquiry
  • Sibo Chen TV drama as an appropriate source for lexical instruction: A corpus-based lexical richness study
  • Jovana Dimitijevic Savic First language attrition and age at emigration: the case of collocational transfer
  • Sorina Dragusanu Vowels in contact: a case study in Romanian
  • Veena Dwivedi, Lynsey Endicott, Kaitlin Curtiss & Raechelle Gibson Interpreting quantifier scope ambiguity
  • Philippe Gauthier High-vowel laxing in Canadian French
  • Vanessa Girouard Caractéristiques sociophonétiques de la réalisation de l’accent québécois en registre performatif
  • Christen Harris Contextual allomorphy in Wolof past tense
  • Svetlana Kaminskaia La réalisation des pics mélodiques en français spontané de l’Ontario
  • Michiya Kawai Another look at the scope of a nominative object in Japanese
  • Olga Kharytonava Syntaxiquement mal formé ou pragmatiquement anormal?
  • Lareina Milambiling Application of pragmatics to volitive and non-volitive verbs in Tagalog
  • Jacqueline Nyhout, Elizabeth Sharakis-Doyle & Stephanie Scott The relationship between the verb lexicon and syntactic length and complexity in SLI
  • Tania Zamuner, Andrea Thiessen & Ana Sofia Niembro The phonological characteristics of children’s imitated new words
1C16 1C18 2C15
Syntaxe | Syntax Psycholinguistique | Psycholinguistics Historique & typologie | Historical & typology

Jozina Vander Klok

Predicate-fronting in an SVO Austronesian language: A case study on Javanese

Gary Libben & Mira Goral

Word–morpheme competition in compound processing

Solveiga Armoskaite & Martina Wiltschko

There is more than one way to be gendered


Noureddine Elouazizi & Nancy Hedberg

A derivational low-tech analysis of the syntax of parenthetical verb phrases in English

Sonia Pritchard

A perception study of Bulgarian and Russian palatalized consonants

Alexander Russell

Why does everyone say everybody? Indefinite pronouns in rural Canada


Yu-Ying Julia Su

Inner modal in Mandarin excessive constructions

Mercedeh Mohaghegh

Spoken word recognition and acoustic cues for the perception of final voiceless stops

Ailis Cournane

Baby steps: Experimenting with innovation in the domain of modality


Canadian Language Museum exhibit launch – Concourse


Réception du président | President's reception

Lundi 28 mai | Monday, May 28
1C16 1C18 2C15
Syntaxe | Syntax Morphologie | Morphology Sociolinguistique | Sociolinguistics

Ileana Paul

Aspect et noms nus en malgache

Elena Voskovskaia

Composés A-N et N-A dans la littérature française du 17e au 20e siècle : Productivité morphologique

Sonam Desai & Ron Smyth

Sexual orientation vs. gender role conformity: Accounting for inter-speaker variation in gay-sounding speech


Lisa Travis

Malagasy and Q’anjob’al extraction restrictions

Elizabeth Cowper & Daniel Currie Hall

Both ends against the middle: Features of voice

Evan Hazenberg

Positioning gender: Intensifiers, downtoners, and identity

Syntaxe | Syntax Phonologie | Phonology Sociolinguistique | Sociolinguistics

Key Cortes, Lareina Milambiling & Ileana Paul

Does Tagalog have determiners?

Peter Milne

The relationship between consonant cluster reduction and schwa insertion in French: A corpus investi

Jennifer Thorburn

Considering Indigenous English in Canada: A variationist analysis of Nain Inuit English


Diane Massam, Victoria Peter & Lianna Wang

Not so radical pro drop in Niuean

Paul Arsenault

The diachronic origins of retroflex phonotactics

Jessica Spieker

Regional differentiation in Canadian raising in Canadian hip hop lyrics


Robert Truswell

English and the typology of nonrestrictive relative clauses

Daniel Currie Hall

Redundant features in a contrast-based approach to phonology

Jordan Dyment

Phonological merging in New Zealand English televised media: The case of Shortland Street


Déjeuner | Lunch

Syntaxe | Syntax Phonétique & phonologie | Phonetics & phonology Sociolinguistique | Sociolinguistics

Susana Béjar

Person restrictions in copular contexts

Jesse Stewart

An acoustic vowel space analysis of Pijal Media Lengua and Imbabura Quichua

Yoonjung Kang & Naomi Nagy

VOT merger in Homeland Seoul Korean and Heritage Toronto Korean


Monica Irimia

Long distance agreement, secondary predicates, and complex predicate formation

Bethany MacLeod

Asymmetrical accommodation in cross-dialectal conversation and the role of phonological contrast

Katherine Rehner & Maria Claudia Petrescu & Beata Piechocinska

An Examination of Underlying Sociolinguistic Knowledge of University FSL students


Arsalan Kahnemuyipour

Revisiting the Persian ezafe construction

Viktor Kharlamov

Partial devoicing in experimentally-elicited speech: Phonological implications

James Walker

Soundin(g(k)) Ethnic in Toronto


Sara Mackenzie

Contrastive representations and constraint interaction

Vanessa Rukholm, Rena Helms-Park, Ron Smyth & Vedran Dronjic

Facilitating lexical acquisition through song: The case of beginner Italian


Student paper/poster award judges' meeting