Congrès de l’ACL 2014

CLA Conference 2014

L’Association canadienne de linguistique tiendra son congrès de 2014 lors du Congrès des sciences humaines à l'Université Brock, St. Catharines (ON), du samedi 24 mai au lundi 26 mai 2014.

The Canadian Linguistic Association will hold its 2014 conference as part of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences at Brock University, St. Catharines, ON, from Saturday May 24 to Monday May 26, 2014.




dernière mise à jour: 25 mai 2014 | latest update: May 25, 2014

Samedi 24 mai | Saturday, May 24
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Acquisition (L1) Variation & changement | Variation & change Syntaxe | Syntax

Yvan Rose (MUN)

Interfaces entre domaines phonétique et phonologique dans l’acquisition de la phonologie

Tomokazu Takehisa (NUPALS)

Non-selected arguments and the ethical strategy


Marina Sherkina-Lieber (Carleton)

Monolingual and bilingual children’s production of Russian embedded yes–no questions

Alena Barysevich (York)

Emergence des normes communautaires : cas de la variation lexicale

Carlos de Cuba (Calgary)

In defense of the truncation hypothesis for main clause phenomena


Anna Frolova (Toronto)

Développement de la transitivité verbale en russe L1

Philip Comeau (Ottawa) & Anne-José Villeneuve (Toronto)

The expression of future temporal reference in Picardie French

Paul Poirier (Toronto)

Malay/Indonesian voice and pseudo-incorporation


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Acquisition (L2+) Pragmatique | Pragmatics Syntaxe | Syntax

Johannes Knaus & Mary Grantham O’Brien (Calgary)

Stress and morphology in second language production and processing

Johannes Heim, Hermann Keupdjio, Zoe Wai-Man Lam, Adriana Osa-Gómez & Martina Wiltschko (UBC)

How to do things with particles

Julianne Doner (Toronto)

Dimensions of variation of the EPP


Gabrielle Klassen & María-Cristina Cuervo (Toronto)

An imperfect representation: The preterit–imperfect contrast in syntactic theory and SLA

E. Allyn Smith (UQAM), Laia Mayol (UPF) & Elena Castroviejo-Miró (CSIC)

Differences between predicates of personal taste and epistemic modals across languages

Daniel Milway (Toronto)

Null pronouns in English: evidence from particle verb constructions


Matthew Patience (Toronto)

The L3 acquisition of Spanish rhotics by native Mandarin speakers

Naomi Francis (Toronto)

This predicate is tasty: Predicates of personal taste, faultless disagreement, and the ideal judge


déjeuner | lunch

Session des affiches | Poster session
ThistleTH North Hallway

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Morphologie | Morphology Psycholinguistique | Psycholinguistics Syntaxe | Syntax

David Heap (Western), Michèle Oliviéri (Nice) & Jean-Pierre Lai (Nice)

Les sujets des verbes météorologiques dans les dialectes occitans transitionnels du Nord

Joyce Bruhn de Garavito & Silvia Perpiñán (Western)

Subject pronouns and clitics in the Spanish interlanguage of French L1 speakers

Will Oxford (Manitoba)

The rise and fall of split-ergative agreement in Algonquian


Daniel Schmidtke & Victor Kuperman (McMaster)

Mass counts in the World Wide Web: A corpus linguistic study of noun countability across varieties of English

Laura Sabourin, Jean-Christophe Leclerc, Michele Burkholder & Christie Brien (Ottawa)

Bilingual lexical organization: Is there a sensitive period?

Richard Compton (McGill)

An argument for genuine object agreement in Inuit


Ouverture de l’exposition «Le français au Canada» | Opening of the “French in Canada” exhibit
Musée canadien des langues | Canadian Language Museum
Projet «Le français à la mesure d’un continent»
ThistleTH Eye Corridor


Assemblée générale | Annual general meeting
Academic SouthTH 215

Dimanche 25 mai | Sunday, May 25
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Phonologie & phonétique | Phonology & phonetics Psycholinguistique | Psycholinguistics Syntaxe | Syntax

Kaitlin Falkauskas & Victor Kuperman (McMaster)

Individual differences in the strategies used to read morphologically complex words

Olena Kit (McMaster)

On propositional complexity of middles and its consequences for syntax


Sara Mackenzie (MUN), Erin Olson (MIT), Meghan Clayards (McGill) & Michael Wagner (McGill)

Allophonic variation in English /l/: production, perception, and segmentation

Kathleen Currie Hall, Claire Allen, Tess Fairburn, Kevin McMullin, Michael Fry & Masaki Noguchi (UBC)

Quantifying perceived morphological relatedness

Kumiko Murasugi (Carleton)

A hierarchical view of the ergative and antipassive in Inuktitut


Avery Ozburn (Toronto)

Statistical co-occurrence restrictions in Oromo consonants

Jianxun Liu (Victoria)

The optionality property of Kiswahili applicatives


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Phonologie & phonétique | Phonology & phonetics Sémantique | Semantics Syntaxe | Syntax

D. Sky Onosson (Victoria)

A prosodic account of Canadian Raising

Igor Yanovich (Tübingen)

No weak necessity


Christopher Spahr (Toronto)

Restricting non-segmental contrasts

Bronwyn Bjorkman & Elizabeth Cowper (Toronto)

Possession and necessity: from individuals to worlds

Heather Bliss (Victoria)

Partial (non-)configurationality in Blackfoot


Dennis Ryan Storoshenko (Calgary) & Robert Frank (Yale)

Which questions do you like the movements in? A semantic constraint on extraction

Clarissa Forbes (Toronto)

On the absence of nominal coordination in Gitksan


déjeuner | lunch

Assemblée générale du Musée canadien des langues | Annual general meeting of the Canadian Language Museum
ThistleTH 257

Session des affiches | Poster session
ThistleTH North Hallway

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Phonologie & phonétique | Phonology & phonetics Acquisition (L2) Syntaxe | Syntax

Daniel Currie Hall (Saint Mary’s)

On substance in phonology

Antonio A. González-Poot (Calgary)

Conflict resolution in the Spanish SLA of Yucatec ejectives: L1, L2 and universal constraints

Gabriela Alboiu & Ruth King (York)

Emphatic ‘quite’ in Acadian French as Focus operator


Liisa Duncan (Toronto)

Synchronic productivity of Finnish vowel harmony

Danielle Thomas & Katie Tetzloff (York)

Language-internal context and VOT in bilingualism: A view from Spanish and English

María Luisa Rivero & Vesela Simeonova (Ottawa)

An evidential modal in Bulgarian: The inferential future


Laura Colantoni (Toronto), Alana Johns (Toronto), Michelle Yuen (MIT) & Marta Ortega-Llebaria (Pittsburgh)

Perception of English corrective focus by native Inuktitut speakers

Solveiga Armoskaite (Rochester) & Carrie Gillon (Arizona State)

Aspectual conditions on (in)definiteness


Réception du président | President’s reception
Centre du Congrès | Congress Centre
(Walker ComplexTH)

Lundi 26 mai | Monday, May 26
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Phonétique | Phonetics Syntaxe & sémantique | Syntax & semantics

Anthony Brohan (MIT)

Licensing Catalan laryngeal neutralization by cue

Mireille Tremblay (Montréal)

Les pronoms en français : pluralité et individuation


Svetlana Kaminskaïa (Waterloo)

Différences rythmiques dans les styles de parole en français ontarien

Jessica Mathie (Toronto)

Markedness in number features: Evidence from Ganggalida (Yukulta)


Blake Lewis (Calgary)

The syntax and semantics of demonstratives: A DP external approach


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Communication plénière | Plenary talk
Jila Ghomeshi (Manitoba)
Who are we talking to when we talk to ‘the public’ about linguistics?
Récipiendaire du Prix national d’excellence | Recipient of the National Achievement Award
ThistleTH 243


déjeuner | lunch


Session conjointe avec l’Association canadienne de linguistique appliquée | Joint session with the Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics

Revitalizing Aboriginal Languages
Organizer: Keren Rice (Toronto)
Upper level of Pond InletTH

  • Grafton Antone Teaching the Onʌyota’a·ka language in an urban setting
  • Eileen Antone Learning the Onʌyota’a·ka language as an adult
  • Carrie Dyck & Amos Key, Jr. An immersion program for intermediate-level speakers
  • Marie-Odile Junker Putting information technologies to work for Aboriginal languages preservation and revitalization
  • Marguerite MacKenzie Language maintenance in East Cree, Naskapi and Innu: A forty-year perspective
  • Alex McKay & Connor Pion Kiiwepiskaapiimon! Revitalizatize your language!