MOT 2007 will be held at the University of Ottawa from March 2 to March 4:

York University

atelier de phonologie MOT phonology workshop
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University of Toronto




Friday, February 10 - Ross Building, South 203, York University

2:00 p.m.Registration and coffee
3:00 p.m.Tanya SlavinDenominal verb formation from biconsonantal nouns in Modern Hebrew
3:20 p.m. Benjamin FlightThe morphophonemics of English loanwords in Welsh
3:40 p.m.Paul ArsenaultThe adaptation of English alveolar stops in Hindi and Telugu
4:00 p.m.Discussion
4:20 p.m.Break
4:40 p.m.Hyang Sook Sohn and Mary BradshawIntonation in the English of North Kuyngsan Korean
5:00 p.mManami HirayamaProsody through vowel devoicing in the post-lexical domain in Japanese
5:20 p.m.Peter Avery and Bill IdsardiEquipollency and privativity in Germanic voicing systems.
5:40 p.m.Discussion

Saturday, February 11 - Bissell Building, room 205, University of Toronto

9:00 a.m.Marie-Hélène Côté The effect of segmental constraints on prosodic phrasing: The case of the French schwa
9:20 a.m.Midori HayashiSyntactic effects on prosodic organization in Japanese
9:40 a.m.Vanessa ShokeirThe end of prosodically determined clitic placement
10:00 a.m.Discussion
10:20 a.m.Break
10:40 a.m.Elman MustafawiLenition in Arabic
11:00 a.m.Kathleen Currie Hall and E. Allyn SmithFinding vowels without phonology?
11:20 a.m.Neil WickIs there really raising in Canadian Raising? The role of timing in phonology
11:40 a.m.Peter MilneDon't stress the flap!
12:00 noonDiscussion
12:20 p.m.Lunch
2:00 p.m.John JensenHungarian rounding harmony
2:20 p.m.Jennifer MahOn Chilcotin sibilant harmony
2:40 p.m.Heather Goad and Meaghen BuckleyIs there a foot in (child) French?
3:00 p.m.Anne-Michelle TessierStages of OT phonological acquisition and error-selective learning
3:20 p.m.Discussion
3:40 p.m.Break
4:00 p.m.Athanasios TsiamasTwo patterns of fixed segmentism in Ancient Greek
4:20 p.m.Chuck Cairns and Eric RaimyRaimy rules in Spokane (and Nxa'amxcin)
4:40 p.m.Sonia PritchardBulgarian vowel-liquid metathesis: Diachronic and synchronic phonological processes
5:00 p.m.Chiara FrigeniRhotic alternants and phonological classes.
5:20 p.m.Discussion

Sunday, February 12 - Bissell Building, room 205, University of Toronto

10:00. a.m.Michael Barrie, Elizabeth Cowper, Daniel Currie Hall Asymmetries in Cantonese glides: Where is the OCP evaluated?
10:20 a.m.Margaret Stong-JensenOpacity and u-umlaut in Icelandic
10:40 a.m.Discussion
11:00 a.m.Break
11:20 a.m.Yoonjung Kang Noun vs. verb asymmetry in Korean
11:40 a.m.Heather Newell Morpho-phonological imperfection. Double affixation as a PF interface effect
12:00 noon Glyne L. Piggott Phonological constraints as conditions on lexical insertion
12:20 p.m.Keren Rice The role of phonology in word formation in Athapaskan languages
12:40 p.m.Discussion
1:00 p.m.Lunch in Department of Linguistics