Second International Conference on
in Phonology

University of Toronto - May 3-5, 2002
Theme: The Role of Perception in the Acquisition and Maintenance of Contrast

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Invited Speakers

Emmanuel Dupoux

Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives
et Psycholinguistique, Paris
"The Phonetic Filter Hypothesis:
How Phonology Impacts Speech Perception
and Vice Versa."

Heather Goad

McGill University
"(Ir)relevant Cues in L2 Segmental Acquisition:
Consequences for Lexicon Optimization
and Underspecification"

Elizabeth Hume-O'Haire
& Keith Johnson

Ohio State University
"The Impact of Phonological Contrast
on Speech Perception"

Aditi Lahiri

Universität Konstanz
"Contrast and Conflict in Phonology"

Janet Werker

University of British Columbia
"On Learning and Using the Contrasts
of the Native Language"

Kathleen Brannen

McGill University
"Contextual and Featural Influences in L2 Perception"

Wenckje Jongstra

University of Toronto
"The Perception and Production of Word-Initial
Consonant Clusters by Dutch L1 Learners"


Juli Cebrian (Barcelona/Toronto) "Effect of perceptual factors in the acquisition of an L2 vowel contrast"  * Suzanne Curtin (UBC) "Non-contrastive information: encoded in perception, used in production"  * Elan Dresher (Toronto) "The contrastive hierarchy in phonology"  * Paola Escudero (McGill/Utrecht) and Paul Boersma (Amsterdam) "Turning an L1 three-way contrast into an L2 two-way contrast"  * Paula Fikkert (Nijmegen) and Maria João Freitas (Lisbon) "The acquisition of vowel alternations in European Portuguese"  * Paula Fikkert (Nijmegen) and Claartje Levelt (Leiden) "The phenomenon previously known as consonant harmony"  * Daniel Currie Hall (Toronto) "Prophylactic features and implicit contrast"  * Gunnar Olafur Hansson (Chicago) "Effects of contrast recoverability on the typology of harmony systems"  * Robert Kirchner (Alberta) and Richard Wright (Washington) "Rethinking sonority: The phonotactics of Attic Greek"  * Alexei Kochetov (Haskins/Yale) "Gestural overlap and self-organizing phonological contrasts"  * S.-Y. Kuroda (UCSD) "Contrast in Japanese: A contribution to feature geometry"  * Jeff Mielke (OSU) "Interplay between perceptual salience and contrast: /h/ perceptibility and /h/ deletion"  * Sharon Peperkamp (LSCP) "Phonological acquisition is reflected in perception, not in production"  * Marzena Rochon (ZAS) "The role of perception in Slavic sibilant systems"  * James M. Scobbie (QMUC) "Fuzzy contrasts, fuzzy inventories, fuzzy systems: Thoughts on quasi-phonemic contrast, the phonetics/phonology interface and sociolinguistic variation"  * Erik Jan van der Torre (Leiden) "Contrast in the Dutch sonorant consonant systems"  * Maryann Walter (MIT) "Final position, prominence, and licensing of contrasts"  * Daniel Weiss and Jessica Maye (Rochester) "The role of contrast in the acquisition of phonetic systems"  * Zhiqiang Li (MIT) "The role of non-contrastive features in perceiving the contrast"


Carrie Dyck and Catherine G. Penney (MUN) "Dyslexia and the phonemic deficit hypothesis"  * Chris Golston (CSU-Fresno) and Wolfgang Kehrein (Philipps) "Contrastive domains and prosodic licensing"  * Rachel Hayes (Arizona) "An OT model of second language speech perception"  * Markus Hiller (Rutgers) "Less is more: A nontemporal representation for the contrastive diphthong dynamics in Swabian"  * Marion Jaeger, Henning Reetz, and Aditi Lahiri (Konstanz) "Neutralization in naturally spoken utterances"  * Astrid Kraehenmann (Konstanz) "Representing consonantal quantity"  * Anthony M. Lewis (Syracuse) "A diachronic phonology of Spanish plosives: The evolution of contrast in two dialects"  * Rajka Smiljanic (UIUC) "Lexical contrast maintenance and expression of narrow focus in two dialects of Serbian and Croatian"  * Meghan Sumner (SUNY-SB) "The phonological status of glottal stops in Modern Hebrew"  * Ela Thurgood (CSU-Chico) "Maintaining consonantal length contrasts in ambiguous contexts: A study of the perception and production of Polish fricative geminates"  * Suzanne Urbanczyk (Victoria) "Neutralization, phonotactic knowledge, and the recoverability of schwa in Coast Salish"  * Teresa Vanderweide (Calgary/Mount Royal) "Perceptually-based onset constraints: Evidence from the acquisition of Dutch"  * Baiba Vilks (Toronto) "The contrast hierarchy in the Latvian consonant inventory"

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