Recipes from, A New and Easy Method of Cookery, by Elizabeth Cleland, 1759

To make Meagre Broth for Soups with Herbs.
SET on the Fire a Kettle of Water, put in it +some
Cru+sts of Bread, and all Sorts of Herbs, green Beets,
Sellery, Endive, Lettice, Sorrel, green Onions, Par+sley,
Chervil, with a good Piece of Butter, and a Bunch of
+sweet Herbs ; boil it for an Hour and a Half, then +strain
it off; this will +serve to make Artichoke or A+sparagus,
or Soup de +santé with Herbs; +sea+son it with Salt, Pepper,
Cloves, Jamaica Pepper ; cut the Herbs gro+sly, and it
will be a very good Soup, boiling a good Lump of
Butter with the Herbs, putting toa+sted Bread in the
Di+sh ; but take out the Bulk of the +sweet Herbs.

To make Scots Barley Broth.
BOIL a Hough of Beef in eight Pints of Water,
and a Pound of Barley on a +slow Fire; let it boil to four
Pints ; then put in Onions, Pepper, Salt and Rai+sins
if you like them, or you may put in Greens and Leeks.

A Calf's Head Soup.
TAKE a Calf's Head, +stew it tender; then +strain
off the Liquor, and put in a Bunch of +sweet Herbs,
Onions, Salt, Pepper, Mace, and +some fine Barley,
boil it till the Barley and Head is done; then +serve
it with the Head in the Middle.

To make Mutton Broth.
TAKE about +six Pounds of Mutton, boil it in
three Scots Pints of Water, with +sweet Herbs, Onions,
two or three Turnips, a Quarter of a Pound of fine
Barley or Rice, Salt and Pepper; a little before you
take it up, put in it a Handful of chopped Par+sley.

To make another Barley Broth.
TAKE a Neck and Brea+st of Mutton, cut it to
Pieces, put as much Water as will cover it; when
it boils +skim it; put in Barley, diced Carots, Tur-
nips, Onions, a Faggot of Thyme and Par+sley,
Pepper and Salt, +stove all well together; you may
put in a Sheep's Head, but fir+st +singe and +scrape it,
and +soak it well in Water; to make this green, put
Beet Leaves, Brocoli, and green Onions, all +shred

An Eel Soup.
TAKE Eels according to the Quantity of Soup you
would have ; a Pound of Eels will make a Mutchkin of
Soup ; to every Pound of Eels add a Chopin of Water,
a Crust of Bread, two or three Blades of Mace, whole
Pepper, an Onion, and a Faggot of sweet Herbs; co-
ver them clo+ss [sic], and let them boil till Half the Liquor is
wa+sted ; then strain it, and put Toasts of Bread cut in
Dice in the Dish, then pour on your Soup ; you may
put Forc'd meat Balls made of Fish, or Bread, in it.

To make E+scarlot Beef.
TAKE a Bri+sket of Beef, half a Pound of coar+se
Sugar, two Ounces of Bay Salt, one Ounce of Salt-
petre, a Pound of common Salt: mix all together, and
rub the Beef, put it in an Earthen Pan, and turn it e-
very Day: Let it lie a Fortnight in the Pickle, then
boil it with Savoys, or a Pea+se Pudding. It eats very
well cold.

Ox Tongues à la mode.
BOIL and blanch and lard it, then brown it off,
and +stove it one Hour in good Gravy and Broth ; +sea-
+son it with Pepper, Salt, Cloves, and a Faggot of +sweet
Herbs ; put in Morels, Truffles, Mu+shrooms, Sweet-
breads, and Artichoke Bottoms ; +skim off the Fat, and
+serve them either hot or cold.

To +stew a Rump of Beef.
CUT off the large Bone, that it may lye flat in the
Stew-pan, +score the In+side, and +sea+son it with Pepper,
Salt, Cloves and Mace; +shred a little Thyme, Par+sley,
Winter Savoury, and +sweet Marjoram; put Sea+soning
between every Score if you like it; lard it with Ba-
con, and a Slice of Bacon laid in every Score: Put it
in your Stew-pot with a Pint of Water, a little Rockam-
bole or Shalots; let it +stew on a gentle Fire for two
Hours, then turn it, and make a Ragoo of Palates and
Eyes, Forc'd - meat Balls and Kernels, with +some of the
Liquor it is +stewed in ; thicken it with brown'd Butter
and Flour : Put in your Ragoo a half Mutchkin of
white Wine and the Juice of a Lemon, the Grate of a
Nutmeg, and Mu+shrooms if you have them. You may
make a Ragoo for it if you plea+se the +same Way, of
Carots, Turnips, Artichoke Bottoms, Truffles, Morels,
Mu+shrooms and Oi+sters : You may +stew any Piece of
Beef the +same Way. Boil your Roots before you put
them in your Ragoo.