The Study of Latin and English at Winchester: Notes

1. On account of "Winchester words" in Aetholwold’s translation of the Benedictine Rule, Walter Hofstetter writes, "We may therefore assume that [Aetholwold] was the decisive force behind the development of a new usage [of English] which ...attained full maturity in the generation of his pupils" (157).

2. See Gneuss’s "The Origin of Standard Old English" pp. 76-77 and Walter Hofstetter’s "Winchester and the Standardization of Old English Vocabulary" for detailed lists on Aelfric’s preferred translations of specific Latin words int o English, as well as the similarities in vocabulary between Aelfric’s works and other Old English texts, notably the Lambeth Psalter.

3. In the preface to his grammar, Aelfric explains his decision to include English translations in a Latin grammar as the influence of Aetholwold (Gneuss, Study 14).

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