Longer paper

Your final paper is due on March 22nd.

It must be at least 2000 words in length, and must involve a focussed comparison of Eliot, The Waste Land, and one other poem.

You may focus a topic from the suggested subjects below, or propose a topic of your own in person during my office hours (or prearranged appointment) before Friday, March 9th, 2001.

I strongly encourage you to think of a topic that really engages you. Studying for the in-class test should give you some ideas.

-The Waste Land and Yeats: "Sailing to Byzantium": the significance of birds

-The Waste Land and Blake: "London": the speaker and the river, the city, professions …

-The Waste Land and Wordsworth: The Prelude: loss, memory, fragmentation of the self, landscape

You will have to focus your topic sharply. If you’re in any doubt, TALK TO ME! (or email me)

I’ll be happy to help—or visit your college writing centre (New College’s: 978-5157).