Test #1: January 18th

Most of Test #1 (45/50 marks) will get you to analyze 3 extracts (chosen from approximately 6) from the poems that we have discussed in class through December 7th. Your close analysis should also demonstrate your understanding of the poem as a whole. The extracts will be identified (author, title).
Study tips: for each poem that we’ve studied, compose a rich paragraph that interprets it.
Poems that we have not covered in class: Shakespeare Sonnet 55, Herbert "Jordan I", Donne "The Sun Rising", Gray "Ode on t he Death of a Favourite Cat", Wordsworth "Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802", Barrett Browning, Aurora Leigh, and Whitman, Song of Myself.

A small part of test #1 (5/50 marks) will ascertain your knowledge of poetic terms. You may be given examples of the phenomena (i.e. a line from a poem with a word or words underlined) and asked to "match" them to a list.

It helps to see past tests and sample answers. Here is a past test #2 from days bygone: it's more difficult in that the students had to write on 5 excerpts rather than on 3 and were farther along in the course than you are at the moment. The fact that you're unfamiliar with the poems may also make the sample responses seem overly daunting.