ENG220Y (Shakespeare): Second term schedule


We’ll continue reading a play about every two weeks. Jennifer will be holding drop-in sessions every Thursday during term in UC 57, from 3-4.

You’ll be doing another passage analysis for Jennifer, this time handing it in as an essay on Thursday March 29th. She’ll be lecturing on January 18th, and taking one-hour tutorials on February 8th, March 1st and March 15th . She’ll be holding longer office hours during March so that you can get individual help.

Dates to remember:

Thursday January 25th: TEST (10%)

-see Key to test

Thursday February 8th Rewrite of Essay #1 (hand in original & revision) (averaged)

Tuesday March 13th: Essay #2 (20%)

Thursday March 29th: Passage analysis #2 (hand in as essay) (10%)

Jennifer has given you instructions, some Key terms and definitions, and a Key to a good answer.

Examination period: Final examination (25%)


January 9 (T) First class on Twelfth Night

January 18 (R) Jennifer takes class.

January 23 (T) First class on Hamlet: please read Act 1.

(R) January 25 Open-book TEST on all first-term plays. 2 hours: think before you write! See the brief key

    1. Identify passages (speaker, play) and comment on their thematic function(s).
    2. Essay question arising from passages.

February 8 (R) Jennifer works with the class for an hour on a passage from Hamlet.

R February 8 Rewrite of Essay #1: hand in original, revision (final grade averaged)

February 13 (T) First class on King Lear.

February 19 Reading week: no lectures or tutorial.

March 1 (R) Jennifer works with the class for an hour on a passage from King Lear.

March 6 (T) First class on Measure for Measure.

(T) March 13th Essay #2 due

March 15 (R) Jennifer works with the class for an hour on a passage from Measure.

March 20 (T) First class on Antony and Cleopatra.

(R) March 29th Passage analysis #2 due (hand in to JRS in essay form)

April 3 (T) First class on The Tempest.