ENG220Y (Shakespeare, Professor Percy’s section, L0401): the exam





The ENG220Y examinations are on Monday, April 17th, 2000, 2-5 pm.





As you know, there are a number of sections of ENG220Y.

Our section is L0401 and our exam is in Cody Hall: 50 St. George Street (enter by Russell Street).





The examination covers all the Shakespeare texts that we have studied this year.


There are no aids permitted.


There are three parts.


Part A will contain two fairly long passages from two plays.  You’ll be required to do a comparative analysis of both passages.  (For essay #2, some of you chose to compare Hamlet’s `What a piece of work is man’ to Lear’s `Is man no more than this?’. Part A will be rather like that.) There is no choice.


Part B consists of one rather long question.  You’re required to focus the topic, and to support your argument with reference to appropriate plays.  You choose the plays and narrow down the topic, but there is otherwise no choice.


Part C contains a number of questions.  You’ll be asked to compare Shakespeare’s treatment of a topic in three or four plays.  There is a lot of choice in this question..

For an idea of the sorts of questions that might come up in part C, you might want to look at past examinations at Trinity and Victoria College libraries, and /or on the web; it’s curious how often similar questions recur from year to year.