ENG220Y (Shakespeare): revised second term schedule

The changes, and reasons for them:

Once the strike is over, Rob will be lecturing on Hamlet. We're therefore delaying Hamlet until the strike's over (appropriate), and moving the other plays up two weeks. Please read this schedule carefully.

Hamlet presenters, have your drafts ready to go: I'll happily look over them now if you like, and get comments back to you ASAP.

All of you, thanks for adapting to these changes. We appreciate it.

The tutorial presentations: content:

Rob has described these on a separate sheet, which you received when you wrote the in-class essay on November 16th. (If you've lost the sheet, it's up on the course web page.)

We'll also use the tutorial time to discuss the seminars, and to discuss other aspects of the play. If you're not presenting, come prepared to discuss and debate.

The tutorial presentations: procedure:

(1) Please select a scene (ideally, a substantial passage from it) and let Prof Percy know in writing. If you've already let Rob know, please confirm it with CP anyway; this list may well be incomplete..

(2) Please give CP your draft 2 weeks before you're due to present: 2% off per day for late drafts. Please include a xerox of your passage.

(3) If you'd like me to email you your comments, please include your email address. Otherwise, you can collect it from me at the next class, or from the envelope on my office door (Wilson 2043).

(4) If you would prefer not to cross a picket line on the day of your seminar, please let me know. Perhaps you could post your report on the e-list, and/or I could link it to the course web page.

Twelfth Night (January 4th-18th)

Jan 11 (T) Lee Alderson, Ted Marinis, Jennifer Casole

Jan 13 (R) Sarah Macapagal (1.2), Veronika Nemes, Linda DeJong

Jan 18 (T) Bridget Macintosh

Hamlet (TBA: could be February 10th, so I suggest that you aim for the following draft submission dates)

Feb 10 (R) draft Feb 1st Bob Hurst (2.2), Christine Bartolome (3.2), Ryan Jacobson

Feb 22 (T) draft Feb 8th Natalee Caple, Duncan Gibson

Feb 24 (R) draft Feb 10th Tara Salt, Fiona Garda, Kiran Kang

Feb 29 (T) draft Feb 10th Jane Vavak ( ), Catherine Snoddon (4.7)

I'll return all drafts on Friday, Feb 11th -- and/or by email. Please put your email address on your draft.

King Lear (Jan 20 - Feb 8)

Jan 20 (R) draft Jan 13th Nancy Mota, Lori Ann Kovac, Kathy Chiu (1.1)

Jan 25 (T) draft Jan 13th Karen Leah Murray (1.1), Rebecca Dolgoy, Karin Maier Kivinen (1.4)

Feb 3 (R) draft Jan 20th Christine Jancelewicz (5.3), Astra Singh

Feb 8 (T) draft Jan 25th Shana Israel, Karen Poon (3.4)

Measure For Measure (Mar 2 - 14th -- or earlier)

Mar 2 (draft Feb 22) or Feb 10 (draft Feb 1) (R) Richard Slater, Emily Tinkler, Siewan Chan (3.1)

Mar 7 (draft Feb 22) or Feb 22 (draft Feb 8) (T) Cindy Williams, Rory Marchant-Kelly, Toni Cotter

Mar 9 (draft Feb 24) or Feb 24 (draft Feb 10)(R) Rob Ng, Sarah Howden

Mar 14 (draft Feb 29) or Feb 29 (draft Feb 10)(T) Nitin Bharti, Sarah Toller

Antony and Cleopatra (March 16th-23rd -- or earlier)

Mar 16 (draft Mar 2) or Mar 2 (draft Feb 22) (R) Kristy Goldring, Mary Poehlman, Sarah McCormick

Mar 21 (draft Mar 7) or Mar 7 (draft Feb 22) (T) Matthew Leppanen, Martha Grodzicki, Philip Gregoire (2.2)

Mar 23 (draft Mar 9) or Mar 9 (draft Feb 24) (R) Ashley Kang, Patrina Duhaney

Tempest (Mar 28th-April 6th -- or earlier -- note overlap with Essay 2 date and plan accordingly!)

Mar 28 (draft Mar 14) or Mar 14 (draft Feb 29) (T) Stephen Correia, Collen Wormald, James Weldon

Mar 30 (draft Mar 16) or Mar 16 (draft Mar 2) (R) Pat D'Cunha, Rama Zuniga, Julie Reitsma

Apr 4 (draft Mar 21) or Mar 21 (draft Mar 7) (T) Marc Carver (5.1), Jen Handel


(1) January 27th TEST (10%). The test will focus on Henry V and Twelfth Night: there may be passages for commentary from H5 and TN (some choice), there will be essay questions to choose from (some asking you to relate H5 and TN to other plays we've studied).

(2) Essay 2, March 17th (20%).