ENG367Y: History of the English Language

Modern English Vocabulary assignment

NOTE CHANGE FROM HARD COPY IN BOLD BELOW! Due: by 6 pm on Thursday October 31st, 2002.
Length: about 5 typed pages (1250 words)
Late? 2% per working day (not Sat or Sun) to a maximum of 10 days/2 weeks.

Not accepted thereafter without official/persuasive/relevant documentation.

Handing in: Either to me personally in class, or to the Wetmore Hall Porter at New College (north building near the athletic centre).


After completing this assignment, you should be able to:


  1. Pick one of these two topics:
  2. Generate some finite/representative written data.
  3. What are the main means of enlarging the vocabulary (note change from handout: word-formation? loans? semantic change?) used in your sample? Exemplify your patterns with specific, representative examples.
  4. Draw some persuasive, reasonable, interesting conclusions from your observations. Remember that (page 481 of this year’s Calendar) "Excellent" and "Good" grades reflect your "original thinking, good organization, capacity to analyze and synthesize ... sound critical evaluations".
  5. How useful is the OED for answering this question?