Links to ENG442Y seminar texts

I've arranged these by person rather than by topic: it was easier.

Jessica's papers

||Elizabeth Boyd's `On the death of an infant of five days old'||
||Mary Savage's `The disaster'||

Tsahai's papers

||Montagu's response to Swift's "A lady's dressing room||
||Phillis Wheatley||

Moira's web page and papers

Moira's web page

With contracted wing: dualism without judgement in Finch's "The bird and the arras"
Division of labour: the myth of domestic and poetic incompatibility"
Fowl weather and fowl women: Stephen Duck subverts the georgic

Sarah Laughlin's papers

||Empiricism and the misogynistic aspects of "The lady's dressing room", by Jonathan Swift||
||The paradoxical allusions to the Garden of Eden as indicative of the transient nature of paradise in Finch's "The petition for an absolute retreat"||
||Hands' representation of the female labouring class poet in `...mad heifer'||

Christine's papers

||The patron in Wheatley's "To Maecenas"||
||Arguments for and against misogyny in Pope's `An epistle to a lady: of the characters of women'||
||Barbauld's "Corsica" and Unitarianism||

Diana's papers

||Thomas's "On Sir J- S- saying in a sarcastic manner, My books would make me mad"||
||Montagu's "Epistle from Arthur Gray"||
||Mary Collier's "The woman's labour"||

Airlie's papers

||Mary Barber's `The conclusion of a letter to the Rev. Mr. C.", Mehitabel Wright's `An epitaph on herself' and `To an infant expiring on the second day of its birth', Anna Seward's `Colebrook Dale'||

Emily's papers

||The business of literature (Finch's `The miser and the poet'; Wheatley's `To Maecenas'); Finch's `The goute and the spider'; Leapor's `Crumble hall'||

Tanya's papers

||The implication of social and political hierarchies and their relation to audience in Barbauld's "The mouse's petition", Friendship feigned: mythical paradox in Pope's "Epistle to a Lady"||

Sarah Whitton's papers

||Finch, "The miser and the poet"||
||Pope, "Epistle to a lady"||
||Seward, "Sonnet: To Colebrooke Dale"||