Week 4 (January 28): Early modern lexicon (mostly classical & Romance loanwords)

Today, again for about 5 minutes, you’ll be presenting on two topics.

By Monday January 13th, please email me with your choices: your preferred 3 from LIST 1 (poor/pauper, royal/regal, elect/elite, for instance) and your preferred 3 other words (can be from more than one list and you are welcome to give me more than 3: (e.g., apostrophe, electric, squalor) or to suggest a word of your own choice.

I’ll let you know in class on January 14th which topics you’ve got.

Here is the OED for you to play with.

List 2: alphabet (Cheratra), apostrophe, dictionary (Jan), drama (Susana), elegy, essay (Dane), journal (Alex), magazine, ode (Jennifer: or prosody?), pamphlet, program, sonnet (Andrea), tract

List 3a: attract, compass (Tim), lodestone, magnet, magnetic/al, polarity, pole.
List 3b: elastic, electric, fluid (Rebecca), gas, gravity, inertia (Dale), matter, pressure, temperature.

List 4: area, commemorate, exit, frequency, imitate (Brad), immaturity, innuendo, investigate, invitation, officiate, relaxation, relevant, squalor (Zach), susceptible