Week 2 (14 January): Spelling report topics

Give a(n!) historical explanation for PDE variation/inconsistency exemplified by the following words. You might consider: how a sixteenth century spelling of a word arose; on what criteria it was standardized (e.g. etymology? pronunciation? scribal needs?). For your word, consult the OED; for relevant letters of the alphabet, consult the OED and McArthur; for more general topics (e.g. "Spelling") consult McArthur.
  1. gentle, jaunty (Andrea)
  2. lady, ladies (Cheratra)
  3. honor, honour (Rebecca)
  4. centre, center (Jennifer)
  5. draught, draft (Alex)
  6. critic, critique; check, cheque (Brad)
  7. whole (Jan)
  8. receipt (Dale)
  9. rhythm, rhyme (Zach)
  10. knight, delight (Jenny, Lora)
  11. fantasy, phantom (Susana)
  12. scissors (Senka)
  13. island (Tim)