Week 6 (February 11): Word-formation (prefixes and suffixes)

Your encyclopedia articles had been due on Friday 14th, though I've just extended this deadline until Monday 17th (6pm).
Pick one of the following prefixes or suffixes, and explain how it has been most “productive” in Early Modern and/or Present-Day English. The OED has entries for affixes, and I’ve also put Marchand’s Categories and types of present-day English wordformation on reserve (PE 1175 M3). You might consider:

Please email me before 5 pm on Friday January 24th with your top three choices (i.e., “ist”, “ness”, and “y”). I’ll email the class by Sunday afternoon when your names are up on the web pages.
Suffixes: Verbs: -ize, -ate; Nouns: -er, -(i)an (Jennifer), -ism (Rebecca), -ist, -ness (Andrea), -ity (Dale); -eer (Zach), -ery; Adjectives: -ed, -y (Cheratra), - ic/al
Prefixes: anti- (Susana), be-, co-, counter-, dis- (Dane), im-, in-, mis-, non- (Brad), pre-, semi- (Tim), trans-, un-