Encyclopedia of Diasporic Englishes

by members of the Graduate Department of English, University of Toronto
edited by Prof. Carol Percy

"Inner Circle" Englishes

Robert Burns the Scottish Bard: prescriptivism, poetic primitivism and the status of Scots in the eighteenth century (Jennifer R. McDermott)

Segregation and variation in 1970s Belfast: a study of phonological variation in Belfast Urban vernacular (Sarah McLoughlin)

English in Maine: the mythologization and commodification of a dialect (Lindsay Ann Reid)

English, Maori, and Maori English in New Zealand (Heather Ladd)

Textualizing Dub Poetry: a literature review of Jamaican English from Jamaica to Toronto (Katherine McLeod)

"Outer Circle" Englishes

(Post)colonial language: English, Sinhala, and Tamil in Sri Lanka (Barton M. Saunders)

Attitudes, ambitions, and the language of education: debates on the language of instruction in the Ghanaian education system (Melinda Sellers)

The English language and Nigerian prose fiction (Alisha R. Walters)

"Expanding circle" Englishes

More English, Less Islam? An overview of English language functions in the Arabian/Persian Gulf (Andrea Charise)

Si, Parliamo Itangliano, Baby! Italian English revisited (Tania Botticella)

The functionalist account of English in China: a sociolinguistic history (Stewart Cole)

Language, culture, and pedagogy: an overview of English in South Korea (Brendan Flattery)

ELT in China and a "China English" model (Mingjun Lu)