Encyclopedia of Diasporic Englishes

by members of the Graduate Department of English, University of Toronto
edited by Prof. Carol Percy

5 February 2007 -

"Inner Circle" Englishes

Robert Burns the Scottish Bard: prescriptivism, poetic primitivism and the status of Scots in the eighteenth century (Jennifer R. McDermott)

Segregation and variation in 1970s Belfast: a study of phonological variation in Belfast Urban vernacular (Sarah McLoughlin)

English in Maine: the mythologization and commodification of a dialect (Lindsay Ann Reid)

English, Maori, and Maori English in New Zealand (Heather Ladd)

Textualizing Dub Poetry: a literature review of Jamaican English from Jamaica to Toronto (Katherine McLeod)

"Outer Circle" Englishes

(Post)colonial language: English, Sinhala, and Tamil in Sri Lanka (Barton M. Saunders)

Attitudes, ambitions, and the language of education: debates on the language of instruction in the Ghanaian education system (Melinda Sellers)

The English language and Nigerian prose fiction (Alisha R. Walters)

English as a marker of Southern Sudanese nationalism: social history, politics ,and language in the Sudan (Muhammad Sid-Ahmad)

"Expanding circle" Englishes

More English, Less Islam? An overview of English language functions in the Arabian/Persian Gulf (Andrea Charise)

Si, Parliamo Itangliano, Baby! Italian English revisited (Tania Botticella)

The functionalist account of English in China: a sociolinguistic history (Stewart Cole)

Language, culture, and pedagogy: an overview of English in South Korea (Brendan Flattery)

ELT in China and a "China English" model (Mingjun Lu)