R. Parthasarathy, “What is Your Good Name, Please?”

from Indian English. Texts and Interpretation, ed. Raja Ram Mehrotra.

Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 1998. 25-26.


What is your good name, please?

I am remembering we used to be neighbours

in Hindu Colony ten fifteen years before.

Never mind. What you do now?

You are in service, isn’t it?

I am Matric fail. Self-employed.

Only last year I celebrated my marriage.

It was inter-caste. Now I am not able

to make the two ends meet.

Cost of living is going up and up everyday.

Sugar, for example, is costing much.

I am eschewing sugar therefore since last two months.

Also I am diabetes, It is good, no?

Excuse me, please, where you are putting up?

Never mind, You will be coming to my place

one day surely, I am hoping.

Not to disappoint.

You are Madrasi, no? How I make out?
All Madrasis talking English language wonderfully.

I am knowing intimately one Srijut Dandayudhpani

from Barhmanwada.

He is foreign-returned from U.K.

Pronunciation is A1, I am telling you.

Some people are lucky.

He is officer in State Bank. Drawing Rs. 2,000.

We are always discussing about politics.

Congress government I am saying

is still best for delivering goods.

What you opine?

Beg pardon, I am going.

I am forgetting to go to Gandhi Market

for purchasing the Aspro.

Since today morning I am suffering

from headache pain.

I am taking your leave, yes, for the time.