Test 2: what to expect

As on the admin sheet you received earlier this term, test #2 will look very much like the second part of test #1 (extracts to comment on, some choice).
You'll be required to link a coherent analysis of 4 extracts to your interpretation of the poems that they're taken from.
The extracts will be taken from material discussed in class from November 20th through February 26th. Test 2 will last for 50 minutes and is worth 12.5% of your final mark.

What does a good answer look like? Have a look at a past test and key. Notice that many of the sample answers find and exemplify an interesting pattern ("the power subjugation of the aunt by her husband", "the speaker's external inaction with his internal agitation", "a study of observation and then of recollection", etc.) and succinctly relate this pattern to the poem as a whole. Notice how succinct and coherent the answers are!