What is't, I pray, has wrought this teen? Ha(+s)t thou ought new, not heard o(+s) (+s)een? If thou blam'(+s)t Fortune for this change, Thou err'(+s)t; her nature is to range : She her own law has kept with thee, In keeping Mutability. Such was (+s)he when (+s)he theee did lure, And with fal(+s)e joys did thee allure. Her double Deity to thee Di(+s)cover'd is, which few el(+s)e (+s)ee. And if you like her, don't complain; If not, then do thou her di(+s)dain. And this which now does thee oppre(+s)s, Should cau(+s)e thy ea(+s)e and quietne(+s)s. She thee has left ; if not, 'tis (+s)ure Thou never could'(+s)t have been (+s)ecure.