What is it then, O man!
that has thrown you into ſorrow and mourning?
You have ſeen, I ſuppoſe, ſomething new
and uncommon.You are miſtaken, if you
think that Fortune is changed towards you.
Theſe are always her manners ; this is her nature.
With reſpect to you, ſhe has rather kept
to the conſtancy peculiar to her, even in her
mutability.Such ſhe was when ſhe flattered
you, when ſhe amuſed you with the allurements
of falſe happineſs.You have diſcovered the
changeable countenance of the blind goddeſs.
She who as yet veils herſelf to others, is perfectly
known to you. Enjoy her ways, if you approve
of them ; do not complain. If you dread
her treachery, deſpiſe and reject her, while ſhe
flatters you to your hurt : For that which is now
the cauſe of ſo much ſorrow to you, ought to
have been the cauſe of your tranquillity. For
ſhe has forſaken you ; and no man can ever be
aſſured that ſhe will not forſake him.